Alt. names  
Municipality Sykkylven (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 1367
Primary factor [m] 337
Approx. point 32 V 369445 6911130 - located to the south, in the col Stokkfonnskaret between Sunnavindsnipa and Tungremtindane.
Secondary factor [km] 3.5
Approx. point 32 V 372667 6911273 - located to the east, on the north-west ridge of Blåbretinden.




  UTM: 32 V 369296 6912166
    Lat/Lon: N62°19'05.2" E6°28'40.0"

Sunnavindsnipa is the highest of the mountain ridge called Molaupstindane, and is located on the east side of the northern part of Hjørundfjorden. The mountain is located on the Sykkylven-Ørsta municipality border, but the summit itself is located on the Sykkylven side of the border.
Sunnavindsnipa has a distinct gap into the north ridge, making ascent via the north ridge subject to some exposure.
The views from the summit are outstanding.

Main photo  Sunnavindsnipa seen from Riksheimdalen.
Routes Sunnavindsnipa from Erstad
Panorama 90° north-east view annotated (10.09.2011)

90° south-east view annotated (10.09.2011)

90° south-west view annotated (10.09.2011)

90° north-west view annotated (10.09.2011)

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