Alt. names  
Municipality Haram (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 339
Primary factor [m] 41
Secondary factor [km] 0.8 (point 32 V 367505 6943239, located to the south, on the north slopes of Heimste Synnalandsheia)
Location   32 V 367868 6943933

Synnalandshornet is the closest "mountain" to Brattvåg, and the registration book by the trigonometric point less than 100 metres east of the summit is visited by 1000s every year. The actual summit is not often visited by the hikers since the path passes a few tens of metres on the south side of the summit.
A visit to Synnalandshornet gives one of the highest performance/price ratios (how much you will have to sweat for good views) you will find anywhere, with views both towards the islands and the Sunnmøre alps. Any reasonably fit person can get to the summit in 15 minutes.

Main photo   Synnalandshornet seen from Skulen.
Routes Heimste Synnalandsheia from Fjellbu via Synnalandshornet and Hestevatnet
Heimste- and Fremste Synnalandsheia from Fjellbu, via Synnalandshornet and Ryssdalen
Hestehaudet from Fjellbu via Synnalandshornet, return Fremste Synnalandsheia
Panorama 360° (05.09.2008)
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