The Cairnwell


Alt. names  
Municipality Aberdeenshire / Perth and Kinross (UK)
Height [m] 933
Primary factor [m] 125
Fixed point 808 metres at 30 V 473556 6304814 - located to the north-west, in the saddle south-east of Loch Vrotachan.
Secondary factor [km] 2.5
Approx. point 30 V 476797 6303748 - located to the east, on the west slopes of Glas Maol.




  UTM: 30 V 474325 6304059
    Lat/Lon: N5652'46.4" W325'16.6"

The Cairnwell is definitely one of the easiest Munros to hike thanks to the high starting point at the Glenshee ski-centre.
The summit is "polluted" by a number of buildings and antennas, but this doesn't make much impact on the view away from the summit. The north-eastern slopes are hosts to ski slopes.
The Cairnwell is ranked as Munro #245.

Main photo  The Cairnwell seen from south.
Routes Carn a' Gheoidh from Glenshee ski-centre
Panorama 180 east view annotated (02.06.2011)

180 west view annotated (02.06.2011)

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