The Cobbler


Alt. names Ben Arthur
Municipality Argyll and Bute (UK)
Height [m] 884
Primary factor [m] 256
Fixed point 628m at 30 V 388032 6232064 - located north, in the saddle between The Cobbler and Beinn Narnain.
Secondary factor [km] 1.3
Approx. point 30 V 388824 6232150 - located north-east, on Beinn Narnain's west ridge.




  UTM: 30 V 387861 6231270
    Lat/Lon: N5612'47.2" W448'29.2"

The Cobbler is not an easy hike! Everyone can get up to 3-4 metres underneath the summit, and in practice everyone can get through the hole in the summit pinnacle. But getting along the ledge after having climbed through the hole is starting to push it for most people, and the final two-metres climb up from the ledge to the summit is at best uncomfortable for most people. Anyone claiming to have climbed The Cobbler should (carefully) be asked whether they've actually been to the summit or not ...

Main photo  The Cobbler seen from east.
Routes Beinn Narnain & The Cobbler from Arrochar
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