Alt. names  
Municipality Bergen (Hordaland, Norway)
Height [m] 642
Primary factor [m] 34
Secondary factor [km] 1.2 (point 32 V 301980 6698690, located to the east, east of Skomakarvatnet)
Location   32 V 300840 6698912

Ulriken is the dominating mountain of those surrounding Bergen, and is used by a lot of people for their regular afternoon/evening hike. There is a cable car service that will take you almost to the summit (not running autumn 2008).

Main photo  Ulriken seen from Montana.
Routes Hauggjelsvarden from Montana, via Ulriken and Turnerhytten
Panorama 360 (16.09.2008)

180 view of Bergen from tower (16.09.2008)

Visits 16.09.2008