Alt. names  
Municipality Hareid (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 389
Primary factor [m] 261
Secondary factor [km] 2.6 (point 32 V 345168 6915490, located to the north, on the south ridge of Melshornet)
Location   32 V 345045 6912922

Ulsettua is a small hill located on the east coast of the Hareidlandet island. The mountain is probably not frequently visited, but is well suited for an afternoon exercise, and offers fine views to some of the Ørsta mountains.

Main photo  Ulsettua seen from Djupemyrane.
Routes Ulsettua from Djupemyrane
Panorama 360° (02.12.2008)

360° annotated (02.12.2008)

90° of Ørsta mountains annotated (02.12.2008)

Visits 02.12.2008