Alt. names  
Municipality/District Haram (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 839
Primary factor [m] 145
Secondary factor [km] 2.3 (point 32 V 373124 6941714, located north-east, on the south ridge of Storfjellet)
Location   32 V 371638 6940038

Urfjellet is a part of the Storfjellet massif on the east side of Samfjorden. The views from the summit are very fine, and the north ridge of Urfjellet (Bergetindane) offers enjoyable scrambling.

Main photo   Urfjellet seen from Samhjarte.
Routes Urfjellet from Reme to Ringstad via Bergetindane
Urfjellet from Reme (ski)
Panorama 360°
Visits Several.