Winter Hill


Alt. names Rivington Moor
Municipality/district Lancashire (UK)
Height [m] 456
Primary factor [m] 218
Approx. point 30 U 544205 5952961 - located to the north-east, close to the intersection between roads A56 and A680, a little south of Accrington.
Secondary factor [km] 16.7
Approx. point 30 U 548208 5946569 - located to the east, on the west slopes of Hill Storm Hill.




  UTM: 30 U 532015 5942447
    Lat/Lon: N5337'47.4" W230'57.1"

Winter Hill is located in the Pennines, north of Manchester. At the summit there is a television mast, 309 metres high, in addition to a number of other telecomm installations.
The summit, marked by a concrete cairn, can be reached via several routes, some of which are service roads (in theory it is possible to drive to within 15 metres of the summit, but driving at the summit area is prohibited for the public).

Main photo  Winter Hill seen from west, from road M61.
Routes Winter Hill from Horwich


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