Alt. names Cima Dieci
Municipality/District South Tirol (Italy)
Height [m] 3026
Primary factor [m] 493
Secondary factor [km] 4.2 (point 32 T 727625 5163430, located to the south, a few metres north of Piz de Lavarella summit)
Location 32 T 726707 5167475

Zehnerspitze is located in the natural reserve Naturpark Fanes-Sennes-Prags, and is part of the Kreuzkofel Gruppe.
The mountain has a lot of climbing routes up its almost 1000 metre west wall.

Main photo   Zehnerspitze seen from west.
Routes Heiligkreuzkofel and Zehnerspitze from St Leonhard
Visits 17.07.2008