Åsen from Ertresvågen


Estimated net time 1-1½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but the path from the forest road can be a little hard to find.
Drinking water No access to running water after trail head.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route, but not very good.
Parking Room for a couple of cars at trail head.
Start height 28 metres
Vertical metres 220 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 3.5 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   Start of route to Åsen.
 Find path on right hand side 130 metres after passing this gate.


Drive to the intersection of roads 659 and 661 by Eidet (Tennfjord). Turn right towards Vatne, and continue 1.6 km to the "Hellandhamn" exit. Follow the road along the west coast of Vatnefjorden for 5.6 km and turn left onto a gravel road. Drive along this road for 600 metres until the road forks. Find parking where the road forks.

Start walking by following the left branch of the fork. Follow this road, later wide path, up to the saddle between Grøtshornet and Åsen. 130 metres after you pass a fence you will see faint traces of a path going up to the right on the other side of a wet area. Follow this path, first west, but soon north. Walk north for approximately 300 metres, then turn left, and then walk south-west towards the summit, which is marked by a couple of small stones.

Your descent route follows the ascent route.



08. November 2008

I wasn't feeling terribly great, suffering from a mild cold, but desperately wanted to bag one of my last three Haram mountains this fine Saturday. I decided to go for Åsen, as this meant I didn't have to involve myself with any ferries but only a short drive.

I drove to the trail head by Ertresvågen and walked up to the saddle between Grøtshornet and Åsen. After a little messing around I found the path leading up east slopes of Åsen. After not long I lost sight of the path, but it was pretty obvious where to continue, and I soon found the path again. This took me up to the upper sections of the mountain, and from here I could see across to what I assumed was the summit. I walked across to the summit, took some photos, and then headed back down towards the car.

Almost back to the car I spotted a farmer out working, and I thought I would walk across and check with him what the locals called this mountain (the name Åsen doesn't appear on any maps, so I only had Arnt's reference, which was also from a local). He confirmed that they call it Åsen, so I was happy. It soon crossed my mind that maybe the farmer I talked with was the same guy Arnt had his information from, but let's hope we have to different sources.

Photos 08.11.2008