Anbergshøe from Myrin (ski)
Bottdalshøe  Anbergshøe


Estimated net time 2-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to running water during winter.
GSM coverage Coverage at both summits, but else very poor (December 2011).
Parking Room for many cars at car park by trail head.
Start height 945 metres
Vertical metres 345 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.1 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Anbergshøe trail head at Myrin.
  Anbergshøe road fork 600m from trail head.


Approximately 13 km west of Dombås, along road E136, you will find sign towards right for "Aursjøen". This is approximately 2.8 km east of Lesja centre. Turn right here, and drive 4.2 km uphill to the car park at Myrin. Park here.

From the car park turn right just before the cabin and ski along the forest road (not likely to be ploughed). After 600 metres make sure you fork right, and continue another 1.3 km to the upper cabins. When the forest road ends turn left and then right, and ski south to the summit of Bottdalshøe. The summit is marked by a large cairn and a trigonometric point marker.

From Bottdalshøe ski north-east to Anbergshøe, which is marked by a fine cairn. You're likely to find a summit registration book inside a post box on the cairn.

From Anbergshøe ski west down to the cabins, and from here follow the forest road back to the car park.



03. December 2011

Cathrine and Øyvind had very kindly let me use their cabin at Bjorli this week-end, and I arrived there Friday night together with Sigurd and three of his 15 year old friends (Andre, Andreas and Ole-Jørgen). On this Saturday I drove the boys to the ski-centre after breakfast and then continue towards Dombås in order to ski Anbergshøe. The main purpose was to test the randonne skis I had borrowed from the sports shop in Brattvåg, but this turned out to be no real test since there was very little snow and my chosen route was quite flat. I knew the hike would be relatively flat, from having studied a map before my hike, but I had to choose a really flat route because of lack of snow.

I set out from Myrin in pretty grey conditions, and was a bit upset with myself for not having loaded my GPS with at least a way-point for the summit. Because of this I was skiing a little in the blind, at least in terms of finding Anbergshøe. Anyway, I was happy to be out, and skied in a direction where I assumed I would find the target of the day. When I reached the upper cabins I continued past them, and after a few tens of metres I saw a top with a large cairn and something that looked like a trigonometric point. Therefore I set my direction for this top, assuming it was Anbergshøe. Hence I was more than a little disappointed when there was a sign at the summit saying "Bottdalshøe". But I was also a little happy to have reached a top, and after taking a few photos I started my descent. However, when I was down to 1040 metres the fog lifted and I could see what I assumed was Anbergshøe. Since it didn't look very far away I decided to have a go. This worked out well, despite more fog and quite windy conditions, and 30 minutes later I was on top of Anbergshøe. More happy now.

From Anbergshøe I descended back down towards the cabins, and then the slightly boring 2 km back to the car. By now my left foot was very sore from having used ski boots I had never used before, so getting back to the car and change to running shoes was most welcome.
Photos 03.12.2011