Båsenibba & Sætrenibba from Strandadalen to Ljøen
Båsenibba  Sætrenibba


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty A short section of the ascent up Båsenibba's south slopes do require the use of hands, but there are no difficult moves. Also, up Båsenibba, there is a touch of exposure.
The rest of the route, with the exception of the Sætrenibba ascent, is on fine path. Ascending Sætrenibba is off-path.
Drinking water Several larger and smaller streams along the route.
GSM coverage Coverage at both summits and when descending to Ljøen. Else patchy (July 2010).
Parking Room for many cars at trail head in Strandadalen. Room for a few cars where you end your hike at Ljøen.
Start height 435 metres.
Vertical metres 635 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.8 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Parking at south end of route (at Ljøen).
  Trail head in Strandadalen.
  The route up to Ljøbrekka.
  The route up to Båsenibba from north-east of lake Nykkjevatnet.
  The off-path route to Sætrenibba from south-west.


Note: this route description assumes you have two cars, parked at both ends of the route.


From Ålesund drive road E39 south towards Bergen, and then exit onto road 60 just south of Ålesund. This road is signed for Stranda. Follow road 60 to the Magerholm ferry port and get the ferry across to Aursneset. From Aursneset ferry port follow road 60 for approximately 35 km to where you get to a T-junction. There is an Esso petrol station on the right hand side of the road (per 2010). Turn right here and continue 18.0 km along road 60, towards Stryn and Hellesylt. You're now approximately 250 metres before the first of the tunnels between Stranda and Hellesylt. On the right hand side of the road you will see a large car park. This is where you will start your hike.

Drive another 4.3 km to where there is an old wooden building on the left hand side of the road. There is room for 5-6 cars here. Park one car here and drive back up to the car park you passed before the tunnel.

From the car park in Strandadalen follow a wide path perpendicular to road 60 (west) for 130 metres. When you meet an old forest road turn left and follow this wide path south. You pass a nice lake on its left (east) side, and soon after you take on the zigzags up towards lake Nykkjevatnet. When you get to the top of the zigzags you get to a path junction. In order to ascend Båsenibba from south you should continue straight ahead (south). After approximately 150 metres you get to another path junction. Turn left here, and head north up the steep south slopes of Båasenibba. Up here you will need to use your hands in a few places, but the scrambling is technically very easy, and there are good hand holds. Note that down on your right side there is a steep drop down towards the fjord. Once the scrambling is done there is an easy hike across to the summit.

Descend Båsenibba via your ascent route, and walk back to the first path junction you got to after the zigzags. Turn left here and continue on the path going south on the west side of lake Nykkjevatnet. You will see the summit cairn of Sætrenibba as you walk around the lake. After the lake proceed south, around Sætrenibba. Approximately 400 metres after you leave the lake you should head left off the path and aim for the south-west ridge of Sætrenibba. There is no path here, but the terrain is relatively easy to hike. When you get higher up you might find a vague path, but if not just proceed east and then north to the summit, which is marked by a large cairn.

Descend Sætrenibba back to the path, and then turn left in order to proceed down to Ljøen. You first pass the buildings at Ljøsætra, before you take on the zigzags that will take you all the way down to where you parked your other car.



29. July 2010

We decided to go for a family hike this Thursday of the last summer holiday week. And since the we had talked about doing the hike across Ljøbrekka for quite a while it seemed just the right thing to do. It also allowed me to visit the two small tops Båsenibba and Sætrenibba, as they would only be small de-tours from the main path.

We drove two cars in order to leave on car at Ljøen, so we didn't need to walk the same route back-and-forth, but could do a north-to-south route. After parking one car at Ljøen we headed back to Strandadalen in one car, from where we all started the hike.

Sigurd decided to join me for both the two de-tours, and his motivation was easy to understand; this would allow him to keep a good pace as opposed to having to walk at the more sedate pace of his smaller brother and mum. We therefore picked up the pace after a few hundred metres, which meant that by the time we were back at lake Nykkjevatnet after our de-tour to Båsenibba the others would have had only a short wait.

After Båsenibba we proceeded together, all four, and when we got to the base of Sætrenibba Njål and Elisabeth settled for a longer rest, including hot dogs water. Sigurd and me did Sætrenibba with some running, and were back down to the others in "no time". Then a nice walk back down to Ljøen to our second car.
Photos 29.07.2010