Blåfjellet & Stordalstinden CW from Sandneshaugen
Blåfjellet  Stordalstinden


Estimated net time 4-5 hours
Difficulty The direct route from the valley at 600m and up towards Blåfjellet is quite steep but there are no technical difficulties.
There are some touches of exposure along the ridge north-east of Stordalstinden, towards Gongrøra.
Drinking water Several sources of running water up to 600m.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (October 2014).
Parking Room for several cars at trail head car park.
Start height 54 metres
Vertical metres 1000 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.2 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Stordalstinden trail head by Sandneshaugen.
  Route to Blåfjellet & Stordalstinden from Hælen.
  Steep route up to Blåfjellet.
  Descent from Stordalstinden to Gongrøra.


Assume your starting point is the round about east of Molde centre where roads E39 and 662 intersect. Drive 4.1 km east on road E39 and turn left in the round about, towards Eide. Follow road 64 5.8 km and pay toll (NOK 20 per 2014) when you exit the tunnel. Start measuring from the toll booth.

- At 5.9 km fork right in the round about, onto road 64 in the direction of Eide.

- At 16.4 km turn left towards "Farstad".

- At 20.6 km turn left onto a gravel road.

- At 20.8 km park on the small car park at the top of the gravel road.

Start your walk by following the path uphill behind the car park. Fork right after 570 metres, and continue another 310 metres up to a small lake. Turn right just before the lake, onto a vague path marked with yellow plastic ribbons. This path fades away when you get to the west end of the lake, but if you continue in the same direction (west) you will hit a path marked with red paint after less than 300 metres. Turn left onto this path and follow it up the steep section through the forest. Turn right when you get close to the point Hælen (431m and marked with a cairn) and continue west on the path. When the path turns left (south) at 490m continue uphill along the gentle ridge, and you will re-join the path a little higher up. Stay on the path as it heads into the valley below Stordalstinden, and then turn left and head steeply up Blåfjellet's north slopes when the flat section of the path ends.

The ascent up from the valley is steep but there are no technical difficulties. Bear a little left (east) when you get above the first steep section, at 700m, and then head up to the flat section at 750m. Continue directly south up to Blåfjellet's west ridge, and turn right (east) and across to the large summit cairn.

From Blåfjellet head west down to the saddle and follow Stordalstinden's east ridge up to the summit, partly on path. Note that the true summit is the first (eastern) of the two candidates, 10 cm higher than the western point.

From Stordalstinden head steeply down north-east towards the flat ridge leading out to Gongrøra. At the end of the flat section turn a little left (north) and head path-less down the mossy slopes. Gradually turn right when you get down to 350m and head east across the slightly boggy section, until you meet a path marked with yellow plastic ribbons and red paint. Turn left and follow this path down through the forest. The path turns into a forest road at 150m and you follow this road 60 metres to where it turns left. Turn right onto a vague path here, which will take you across to the path you used when ascending from the car park. Turn left when you hit this path and walk back down to the car.



19. October 2014

I was determined to bag some new mountains this Sunday, and with OK weather forecast at least for the first half of the day I decided to drive north of Romsdalsfjorden. I picked up Kjetil at Dragsundet around 9am, and we were ready to start our hike just after 11am.

We messed around a little on several occasions, caused by maps showing paths which weren't there, but since I had plotted a number of way-points on my GPS we were relatively quickly able to correct our mistakes, and all in all the route we did felt both interesting and efficient. In particular the walk along the ridge out to Gongrøra was nice.

There were several other parties out hiking this Sunday, and except for some wind at the summits it was very fine hiking conditions.
Photos 19.10.2014