Blåhorna from Fram-Fjørstad (ski)
Fremste Blåhornet  Heimste Blåhornet


Estimated net time 5-6 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but care should be shown at Fremste Blåhornet's summit because of cornices. You also need to make sure you don't ski too far east between the two tops, again because of cornices.
Drinking water No access to drinking water during winter.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route, except in the saddle between the two mountains (April 2010).
Parking There is room for a few cars at trail head, by the old community building at Fram-Fjørstad.
Start height 327 metres
Vertical metres 1325 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 10.8 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Trail head for Blåhorna at Fram-Fjørstad is left of the house.
  Start of skiing route to Blåhorna from Fram-Fjørstad.


From Ålesund drive road E39 south towards Bergen, and then exit onto road 60 just south of Ålesund. This road is signed for Stranda. Follow road 60 to the Magerholm ferry port and get the ferry across to Aursneset. From Aursneset ferry port follow road 60 for approximately 35 km to where you get to a T-junction. There is an Esso petrol station on the right hand side of the road per 2010. Turn right here and continue 11.1 km along road 60, towards Stryn and Hellesylt. You will see a house approximately 100 metres from the road, on the left hand side, and immediately after there is a gravel road going off left towards this house. Exit onto this road and drive up to the gate of the house. Find parking without blocking for any traffic.

Ski past the house, on its north side, climb the low fence on the designated stiles, and ski east towards the forest. Make sure you aim for a point a little to the right (south) of the small valley/gully coming down from Blåhorna. Skiing through this forest is relatively easy since there is a fair bit of distance between the trees, and after a little less than 300 vertical metres you find yourself above the forest. The skiing through the forest is aided by some sporadic red paint on the trees.
Turn a little right when you get above the forest, heading south-east on the right hand side of the gully. Soon you pass some old wooden buildings on your right hand side and you should continue another 500 metres south-east. When the gully is flat enough to be crossed comfortably change direction 45° left and head directly east. Find you best route uphill, making sure you stay left (north) of the steep section in front of you.

When you get up to 1200 metres you turn a little right (east/south-east) and ski directly up to the summit of Fremste Blåhornet. You will find a wooden pole with some electronic equipment on the summit.

From Fremste Blåhornet descend north-west down to the saddle between the two Blåhorna mountains, making sure you stay well away from the east edge and the cornices. From the saddle head north up to the summit of Heimste Blåhornet, which is marked by a proper cairn.

To descend back to Fram-Fjørstad first ski down to the saddle between the two tops. Then gradually turn right and re-join your ascent route where you crossed the gully. From here follow your ascent route all the way back to the car.



04. April 2010

We were due to go back home this Easter Sunday, after having spent a full week at our cabin, but since we had two cars at Fjellsetra I decided to do a de-tour on my way home, skiing some mountain. My initial plan had been to ski Blåhorna in Strandadalen, but after my hike to Auskjeret the day before I had found the snow less favourable than hoped for and instead changed my mind to a mountain that would have its complete route facing south in order to have snow free of crust.

When I got to my car at Fjellsetra I checked the ferry time tables for the Stranda-Liabygda ferry, and found to my disappointment that I would have to wait longer than expected at Stranda. I therefore called Svein Myhre (a devote skier of mountains in the area, see Fjellinordvest), and he informed me that he, Arnt and Anne were on their way to Blåhorna in Strandadalen, and suggested I did the same hike and met them somewhere along the route. I cannot remember if I needed any time to make up my mind on what to do, but I assume at least I wasn't hard to convince ...

Based on directions from Svein I soon was ready to start my hike from Fram-Fjørstad, and navigation was easy thanks to tracks from other skiers in the past (Svein, Arnt and Anne hadn't left any tracks because of hard snow). The skiing through the forest was much easier than I had anticipated thanks to plenty of space between the trees. From above the forest the skiing was hard going since I kept a decent pace, and slightly awkward in a couple of places since the terrain was too steep to ski directly uphill and the snow was hard so getting a good grip while traversing was a bit strenuous. But there were never any problems of any sort.

By the time I got to the summit of Fremste the others had reached the summit of Heimste, and via mobile phones we agreed to meet in the saddle between the two tops. I started my descent down towards the saddle, on a slightly nasty crust (for an amateur skier like me), and in one of the steepest sections my right ski got badly caught by the crust and threw me into a long fly, without making any other damage than to my pride. Down at the saddle I met the others, which also included Erling. We chatted for ten minutes or so before they headed back down to Strandadalen, and I headed up to Heimste.

From Heimste I started the long descent down to my car, and after very careful skiing the first few hundred vertical metres I let go a little when I got down towards the gully. By the gully I stopped to take off my skis, but the concentration was low and one of my skis skid off down into the gully. Stupid! Fortunately the gully wasn't as ugly as feared, and after some crawling and swearing I was back on my skis.

By the time I got down to the forest the sun had softened the snow sufficiently to make the descent amongst the trees a joyful ride, doing slalom turns all the way down to the fields above the car.
Photos 04.04.2010