Blåtind to Djupvassegga from Djupvatnet (ski)
Blåtind  Skjerdingdalsbrefjellet  Djupvassegga


Estimated net time 4-5 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but be aware of the cornices east of Skjerdingdalsbrefjellet and ski north from the summit before starting your descent towards north-east.
Drinking water Don't expect to find running water unless you ski very late in the skiing season.
GSM coverage Coverage around Djupvassegga, else at best very patchy.
Parking Room for several cars around trail head, along road 63.
Start height 1030 metres
Vertical metres 1090 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 10.2 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Blåtind trail head by lake Djupvatnet.
  Skiing route to Blåtind from lake Djupvatnet.
  Route from Blåtind to Skjerdingdalsbrefjellet.
  Route to Djupvassegga.


From the village Geiranger drive 15.9 km south on road 63, and find parking just before a left curve, 220 metres before the toll road to Dalsnibba exits left. Alternatively, if you arrive from the roads 15/63 junction 13 km west of Grotli, drive 7.7 km west on road 63, 350 metres past the right exit to Dalsnibba.

From road 63 ski south-west across the flatter section, up to approximately 1200m. Then turn a little right and ski west up the steeper section, up to 1450m. From here turn south-west and find your best route up to Blåtind's large summit cairn.

From Blåtind ski east down to the saddle between Blåtind and Skjerdingdalsbrefjellet, and then turn right and head south up to Skjerdingdalsbrefjellet, where you'll find a small cairn.

When descending from Skjerdingdalsbrefjellet make sure you don't turn right too early as the southern part of Skjerdingdalsbrefjellet's east slopes are very steep and there's likely to be a cornice. Therefore ski north/north-east as much as 1 km before you turn right and head down to the saddle west of Djupvassegga. From here find your best route up to Djupvassegga's trigonometric point marker and the pile of stones marking the summit.

From Djupvassegga ski back down to the saddle and then turn right (north/north-west) and ski back down to your car.



01. June 2014

This was my fourth consecutive Sunday skiing, and with fantastic weather and excellent snow. Kjetil picked me up at Fjellsetra after breakfast, and after to ferries we were ready to start skiing at 10:45. I was a little surprised to find other skiers making themselves ready, as I wasn't aware that this was a popular area for spring skiing. And by the time we got to Blåtind there were many tens of cars parked along the road.

The skiing from Blåtind across to Skjerdingdalsbrefjellet (note, this is my name for this top, which is a nunatak sticking up from the glacier Skjerdingdalsbreen) and down to the saddle west of Djupvassegga was simply magic; the sun was shining, the snow was firm without being hard, there was no wind, and there was great opportunities for different degree of steepness for the descent routes. Simply superb, and I was a little surprised to find that we were the only ones not descending directly from Blåtind.

Djupvassegga had very little snow so we decided to take off the skis and walk up the west slopes. Luckily the snow was firm enough to carry our weight in most places, but the ascent still took almost 40 minutes. After a short summit stop we headed back down to where we left the skis before the last section of very fine skiing back down to the car.

Photos 01.06.2014