Bleckwand from Haberg


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
There are no technical difficulties, and most of the route is hiked on fine path and forest road.
Drinking water There is a fountain where you get out of the forest, before the pass between Sparber and Bleckwand.
GSM coverage Unknown.
Parking Room for several cars on the right hand side of the road by trail head.
Start height 690 metres.
Vertical metres 875 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 10.5 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Start of route to Bleckwand.
  Turn right below Schartenalm for Bleckwand.
  Proceed into forest behind Schartenalm.
  Turn right by Wetzlerhütte for Bleckwand.
  Part of Bleckwand route seen from Bleckwand.


From Salzburg drive road 158 east towards Bad Ischl. When you get to Sankt Gilgen, approximately 28 km from Salzburg, fork right and stay on road 158. From the second of the two intersections between road 158 and 154 (there's approximately 200 metres between these two interesections) drive 10.6 km towards Strobl (this is approximately 1.0 km before you get to the Strobl exit). Turn right here, and drive 135 metres uphill to where the road forks. Turn left and drive another 75 metres. Then turn right, and drive 500 metres. Park on the right hand side of the road, just before a four-way junction.

Start walking by following the road uphill, straight ahead. This road is signed, amongst others, "Sparberrundweg". There are a number of forest roads and paths forking off your route, but you should head south towards the pass between Sparber and Bleckwand. When you get above the forest continue on the forest road through the pass between Sparber and Bleckwand. After less than 400 metres you get to a signed junction. Turn right here, following signs for Bleckwand. You now have Bleckwand directly ahead of you.

The path up here can be a bit vague, but continue approximately 100 metres directly towards the east wall of Bleckwand, and then gradually turn left (south). You will soon find an old forest road through the fields, but if not there is no need to worry. 500 metres after turning south you will get to the old wooden building of Schartenalm. Proceed south, past this building, and follow the forest road into the forest. The forest road gradually turns into a path, and will take you all the way up to the pass between Windkogel and Bleckwand, at Wetzlerhütte. Turn right here, and follow the path up to the summit edge. At the summit edge turn right (south) and proceed to the summit, which is not marked in any way.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



16. July 2010

This Friday was a slightly busy day in terms of family activities, with the whole team visiting the salt mines at Hallstatt, with a late afternoon return to Strobl. Next on the agenda was a traditional session of speck and drinks in the garden of Elisabeth and Cuno. This was due to start at 19:00, but after some negotiations with my wife we agreed that it would be OK if I did a hike and arrived a little late for the party at.

My choice of hike was obvious; I hadn't been to Bleckwand, and this would be the shortest drive amongst possible candidates, and probably also the shortest hike to a proper mountain. I drove the couple of kilometres to trail head, and after the usual final preparations I started to run up the forest road. But my running soon changed to fast walking as the evening was very warm and humid, and although I was in the shade from the forest there was no way I would be able to run very far. And I hadn't brought anywhere near the amount of water required for this hike, and running would have made it even tougher. But to my delight I found a fine water fountain as I came out of the forest just before the pass between Bleckwand and Sparber. Here I re-hydrated to the stage were I was almost sick, and also made sure my single water bottle was full.

From the signed exit for Bleckwand from the pass between Bleckwand and Sparber I messed around a little, trying to locate a path. But after a minute or so I gave up and proceeded across the open fields towards Schartenalm. Here I was confronted with a number of semi-vague forest roads, and again had to consider my options, but when I finally decided on what route to follow things soon turned obvious when I found the forest road leading into the forest.

At the path junction by Wetzlerhütte there was no reason to hesitate about what direction to follow, and the clinging cows was a second reason for not hesitating. By now I was indeed running out of steam, and probably very dehydrated, but the prospect of soon getting to the summit pushed me on towards the summit.

At the summit I was a bit disappointed to find that the view west was blocked by trees, but soon focused on the nice views east instead, including an impressive birds eye's view of both my route around Schartenalm and the village of Strobl. This was all captured on memory card, before the longish run back down to the car (and this time I was able to run more or less the whole way). Back at the car I had to cover the car's seat well, since I was soaked from perspiration, and still producing gallons of the stuff. The temperature was still above 30°C, and I wasn't looking forward to the amount of time I would need before my body temperature was down to a level where I could dress for the speckjause. But a couple of cans of Coke, followed by a couple of bottles of beer, while having a cold shower, wasn't really a punishment after a fine hike.

In the garden of Elisabeth and Cuno everyone had already had their fair share of speck and drinks, but as usual there was plenty left for me. Re-hydrating on beer and white wine, and eating lots of salt meet, probably wasn't the ideal physical recovery service, but what a mental treat!
Photos 16.07.2010