Bøverhø-Raudmyrhøa-Toppen from Bjorli ski-centre (ski)
Bøverhø  Raudmyrhøa  Toppen


Estimated net time 5-6 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to drinking water during winter.
GSM coverage Coverage at the beginning of the route and from Raudmyrhøa and onwards (February 2009).
Parking Room for many cars at Bjorli ski-centre (fee).
Start height 1215 metres
Vertical metres 800 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 16.1 km
GPS-file X


Route photo  


Drive road E136 to Bjorli. From E136 drive north towards the ski-slopes and find parking at the ski-slope's car park. Take the chair lift up to ~1030 metres, then ski down a few tens of metres, and turn right onto the piste traversing west to the bottom of the ski-lift going up to Bjorlihøi (NOK 70 per February 2009).

After getting off the ski-lift ski the reminding few metres to the top of Bjorlihøi. You will now have a good view of your route. First ski north approximately 1 km, before turning a little left and ski north-north-west to Bøverhø. Aim for the lower section in the middle of Bøverhø, and then turn a little right to get to the summit.

From Bøverhø continue north-west down the valley between Bøverhø and Raudmyrhøa. When you get down into the valley you will see a small cabin made from stones; Bjarnebu. Ski up to this cabin and then turn a little left in order to get onto the south ridge of Raudmyrhøa. Follow the wide ridge to the summit, which is marked by a fine cairn.

From Raudmyrhøa ski directly south to the bottom of the valley between Raudmyrhøa and Toppen. This will give you 550 vertical metres of downhill skiing. Turn a little right (west) and aim for the north end of Toppen. Ski up to the summit of Toppen by finding you best route. Then ski across the Toppen plateau to the south end, before you head south-east, and later east, to get back to the ski-slopes. Once in the ski-slopes follow any of them down to the ski-centre.



08. February 2009

Yesterday was cold, sunny and without wind, but this Sunday at Bjorli was quite the opposite, although not quite as cold. However, I had decided my route the previous day, and decided to stick to plan. One reason was that I had had a good look at the route from my hike to Svarthøi and new that the medium visibility wouldn't cause any difficulties.

My hike across to Bøverhø was fine, but unfortunately with visibility below that required for any decent photos. From Bøverhø I skied down and across to Bjarnebu, which was pretty well covered in snow. The ascent to Raudmyrhøa's south ridge was without any problems, and neither was the hike along the wide ridge. When I got to a big cairn I was a bit surprised I was already at the summit, and after having taken off my skis I saw glimpses of an up-hill further to the north. I therefore walked a few tens of metres north, and my suspicion was confirmed by what I now saw. I therefore went back to the cairn and put the skis back on, and continued skiing north. But after about 250 metres of skiing the up-hill stopped and turned into a steeper down-hill, so I concluded that the cairn actually was located at the summit. I therefore skied back, took a couple of photos, and started my way south towards Toppen.

The descent from Raudmyrhøa to the bottom of the valley between Raudmyrhøa and Toppen provided fantastic skiing for an amateur skier like me. Perfect. What wasn't so perfect was the fact that I had one more ascent to do, and I was starting to get tired. I could have skied around Toppen, which I had visited before, but on my previous visit I had only been to point 1252 at the south end of the plateau so I wanted to get to the very highest point this time (1253). I put the skins back on, and started the relatively short ascent. By the time I got to the summit I had a short spell of lighter weather towards north, so managed to capture a couple of images of Raudmyrhøa and Bøverhø.

Across the Toppen plateau and down its south-east slopes the snow was very poor indeed, with hard waves packed by the wind. But once this was done I had another good stretch of skiing down through the forest and finally down the ski-slopes to the ski-centre.

Photos 08.02.2009