Bräuningzinken from Loser Alm


Estimated net time 2-2½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but you should be careful with respect to the whole in the mountain approximately one metre from the path, a little below the summit.
Drinking water Access to running water from a stream close to trail head.
GSM coverage Coverage around trail head and at the summit, else nothing to rely on (July 2010).
Parking Room for many cars at the car park by trail head.
Start height 1595 metres.
Vertical metres 445 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 5.6 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Bräuningzinken trail head by Loser Alm.
  Overview of route from above Bräuningalm to Bräuningzinken.
  Location of hole below Bräuningzinken summit.


From Salzburg drive road B158 east to Bad Ischl, approximately 50 km. Then drive approximately 11 km south on road B145, through Bad Goisern, and fork left (east), staying on road B145 (don't fork right onto road B166). Drive approximately 14 km on road B145 in the direction of Bad Aussee, and then turn left towards Altaussee. In Altaussee follow signs for Hagan Lodge. When you get to the ski-centre fork a little right and take on the toll road "Loser Panoramastrasse". From the start of the toll road drive 1.2 km to the unmanned toll booth (EUR 15 per 2010, but EUR 6.50 if crossing after 18:00. You pay on return, cash or MasterCard). From the toll booth continue all the way up to the large car park where the road ends, at Loser Alm, in total 7.1 km from the toll booth.

At the far end of the car park you see two paths heading uphill, towards north and north-east. Follow the path towards north-east; this is route 257. In the beginning the path goes a little up and down, before climbing up to a small pass south of Bräuningalm. From the pass head down towards Bräuningalm and gradually turn left (west) on the south side of Bräuningzinken. This path will take you up to the pass between Bräuningzinken and Greimuth. Turn right in the pass, and follow the path all the way to the summit. It's advised to stay on the path because of the hole in the mountain close to the path. The summit is marked by a wooden cross.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



18. July 2010

We had moved base this Sunday, from Strobl to Hagan Lodge above the village Altaussee, and because of the grey and wet conditions I didn't have much motivation for a major mountain. But Bräuningzinken seemed to be well signed, and was within short driving distance, so an obvious candidate for some afternoon exercising.

I drove up to Loser Alm and found the right path to follow. I soon got soaking wet, but the temperature was reasonable, and there was no wind, so the rain didn't cause any concern. After having overtaken a couple of women early on the hike, the only other living creatures I saw during my hike were some cows around Bräuningalm. In general there wasn't much to see at all because of the fog. But one thing was definitely worth seeing; a little below the summit there was a hole around 1m x 3m in size, and a fall into this whole would be guarantied death. I'm sure this hole can be very dangerous during winter if the hole is covered by snow.

From the summit I basically didn't see anything, so after a short summit stop I took on the run back down to the car. When I got down to Bräuningalm the fog had lifted a little so I got some OK views of Bräuningzinken.
Photos 18.07.2010