Brennhø from Rånå, via Asbjørnsdalen


Estimated net time 2½-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Access to drinking water from the river along Asbjørnsdalen valley.
GSM coverage Coverage at trail head and at the summit (November 2009).
Parking Room for many cars at car park at trail head (NOK 20 per day per 2009).
Start height 717 metres
Vertical metres 455 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 7.4 km
GPS-file X
Route photo

  Trail head and start of route at Rånå.


If driving road E136 south-east from Åndalsnes to Dombås, drive approximately 1.3 km south-east from Bjorli. Here you will see signs to the right for "Rånå". Turn right here and drive 4.2 km along this road, to Rånå. You will find a large car park on your left hand side, with signs both for parking and "Asbjørnsdalen". Park here.

From the south-west corner of the car park, close to a small building, follow an old forest road south-west. Follow this forest road for approximately 700 metres, forking left when you get to forks. When the 700 metres are done the forest road makes a sharp right, and there is a path going left into the Asbjørnsdalen valley; follow this path. The path runs parallel with the river Asbjørnsåi, and you should stay on this path for approximately 1.6 km. You have now reached altitude 890 metres, and you should turn left and head directly east, towards the summit. The first short section is through an open forest, but you'll soon be out in the open, and should continue directly east.

The distance from the path to the summit is approximately 1.3 km, and most of it is done in open and easy terrain. The summit is marked by a cairn and an old trigonometric point.

The descent is best done by reversing the ascent route.



29. November 2009

Sunday, and final day of our Bjorli stay this early winter week-end. During the night a couple of centimetres of snow had fallen, but not sufficient to make it possible to ski outside the areas of Bjorli ski-centre with artificial snow. I therefore decided to do the same as yesterday, go for a hike and bring the snow-shoes.

I drove up to Rånå, with the intention to hike Brennhø along its north ridge, but a quick look at the terrain made me change my mind. So instead I decided to head for the Asbjørnsdalen valley, on the west side of Brennhø, and ascend the summit from somewhere along this valley.

The hike along the river in Asbjørnsdalen was very enjoyable, with only a little snow, and I proceeded at a good pace. When I got out of the forest I decided to head for the summit, and after having walked through another small forest I was out in the open, with a gentle slope ahead of me. After having ascended this slope I was a bit unsure exactly where the summit was located, so I decided just to aim for the highest point I could see. When I got up to this point I realised I had made a small de-tour, since the summit was further right (east) than I expected, but the de-tour didn't make much difference, neither in terms of distance nor vertical metres. From where I now was it was an easy hike to the summit, and the sun and total lack of wind made it very enjoyable.

At the summit I enjoyed the fine views, and even more enjoyable was the fantastic weather; still sunny and no wind. After having taken a number of photos I headed back down, following a slightly different route back through the valley.

Photos 29.11.2009