Bulitinden and Guratinden from Nedreås
Bulitinden  Guratinden


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Access to drinking water from a small stream running parallel to the path at the beginning of the route.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (July 2009).
Parking Room for some cars along the road around trail head.
Start height 12 metres
Vertical metres 705 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 9.6 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  Parking and trail head for the route to Bulitinden and Guratinden.


From the intersection of roads E10 and 815 in the round-about at Leknes drive road 815 towards Stamsund. After 1.5 km turn right, signed for "Mortsund". You are now on the road "Idrettsgata". Drive 2.7 km along this road, until you have bus stops on both sides of the road. Find parking here, without blocking for buses.

Immediately after (south of) the bus stop on the left hand side of the road you will see the start of a vague path. Follow this path, walking east, and you will soon get to a wooden gate. Proceed through the gate and follow the well defined path. After a little more than 2 km you will be out of the forest and the terrain is flatter. Where the path forks follow the right leg, which leads towards the base of Bulitinden's north-west slopes. The path gradually turns right and will eventually take you directly south all the way up to the saddle between Bulitinden and Guratinden. From the saddle turn left and walk up to the summit of Bulitinden.

From Bulitinden head back down to the saddle and proceed south along the north ridge of Guratinden, to its summit.

The descent is best done by walking back down to the saddle, and then follow the path back to the car.



17. July 2009

This Friday morning was another grey day, the third day of our Lofoten holiday. But the mountains I had planned for this pre-breakfast hike were both below the clouds so I would at least get an acceptable view if there were no sudden changes.

I left the car at 06:50, and in a little more than an hour I found myself at Bulitinden. Unfortunately a number of the higher mountains in the area had their summits covered with clouds, but I still had a pretty impressive view laid out in front of me.

From Bulitinden I headed across to Guratinden, where the views were pretty much the same as from Bulitinden. To my surprise I found that someone else had signed the registration book before me this morning; I'm not used to people being out before me when I'm doing my morning hikes. I assume there are a number of locals who use Guratinden as their regular mountain for exercising, and I can indeed understand this based on both the good quality of the path and the very nice views from the summit.

After the hike I drove back to our hotel in Leknes, had a quick shower, and then enjoyed a good breakfast.

Photos 17.07.2009