Carnethy Hill and Scald Law from road A702
Carnethy Hill  Scald Law


Estimated net time 2-2 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water There is a small creek at the beginning of the route, but the quality of the water is dubious because of the number of sheep in the area.
GSM coverage Coverage only around trail head (October 2009).
Parking Room for several cars at car park at trail head.
Start height 282 metres
Vertical metres 425 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 5.8 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  Trail head.
  Start of route.
  Turn right at this path junction and follow path towards Carnethy Hill.
  Head north-west from the "mini-saddle" towards east ridge of Carnethy Hill.


From Edinburgh get onto road A720 (City bypass) south of the city. Drive to the intersection of roads A720 and A702, and turn south (signed for "Biggar"). From the second of the two round-abouts at this intersection drive 8.4 km along road A702. Locate a car park along the road on the right hand side. On the left hand side there is a small forest (large group of trees). At the south end of the car park there is a sign for "Balerno", and the start of a path.

Follow this path north-west for 270 metres until you get to a path junction. Turn right here, following the direction of the sign saying "FOOTPATH". Stay on this path for 750 metres, to a fence and a "mini-saddle". Cross the fence and turn left, heading north/north-west on one of the narrow paths leading up to the east ridge of Carnethy Hill. At the ridge you will join the major path that runs along the ridge, and you turn left and follow this path to the summit.

From the summit of Carnethy Hill you continue west and soon south-west towards the saddle between Carnethy Hill and Scald Law, and then continue south-west to the summit of Scald Law.

From the summit of Scald Law head back down to the saddle between Carnethy Hill and Scald Law and turn right, following the path all the way back to the trail head.



30. October 2009

Since I was working in Holland up to this Friday and was going to Dunfermline the following Monday I decided to go directly to Scotland to do some hiking instead of going home to Norway for the week-end. After having landed at Edinburgh airport around mid-day I drove directly south to the Pentland Hills in order to hike the highest of them; Scald Law. As a bonus I would also bag Carnethy Hill if I extended the hike a little.

After changing to hiking gear, sitting inside the car along road A702, I found my way towards Carnethy Hill. The first part of the navigation was straight forward, but when I got up to the "mini-saddle" at around 370 metres I had to stop and consider my options for getting to the summit. At the end I ended up taking a short-cut on one of the many tracks (presumably made by sheep) going north-west up to the north-east ridge of Carnethy Hill.

The summit was a windy place this Friday, so I soon continued across to Scald Law, and had another windy summit-experience. The views from the summit are OK, with grass clad hills in most directions. From the summit I descended back down to the saddle between Scald Law and Carnethy Hill, where I met a lonely female hiker, and then I headed directly back to the car. Here I changed into clean clothes and drove to Edinburgh for some hiking gear shopping.

Photos 30.10.2009