Dalmannshornet from Hevsdalen (ski)
Dalmannshornet  Langedalsegga


Estimated net time 5-6 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but the descent down south-west from Langedalsegga can be a bit cumbersome if there is little snow. Show care with respect to cornices in the more narrow sections of Dalmannshornet's ridge.
Drinking water No access to drinking water during winter.
GSM coverage Unknown.
Parking Room for many cars at the Strandafjellet ski centre car park (NOK 30 per 2008).
Start height 455 metres
Vertical metres 1100 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 18.8 km
GPS-file Not available
Route photo  


From Ålesund drive to Magerholm and take the ferry across to Aursneset. From the ferry port drive road 60 towards Stranda. When you get to Strandafjellet ski-centre find parking in the big car park on the left hand side of road 60. Cross the road and make your way up the ski-slopes, either by the lifts or by skiing.


If you select the ski-lifts then take the two lifts you need to take to get to the summit of Langedalsegga. From here ski a little south (to the left when you were ascending), and then turn right (west) down to the saddle between Langedalsegga and height 1064, around 90 metres below Langedalsegga's summit.


If you select to ski you should follow the right-most piste. When you get to the top of the ski-lift that runs on your left hand side continue into the small valley ahead of you and up to the saddle between Langedalsegga and height 1064 on your right.


From the saddle between Langedalsegga and height 1064 ski south-west, keeping left of the small hill (height 915). The continue horizontally south-west and around the small valley Litlebotnen. Then south, passing east and south-east of Tinden (1264), crossing the river Tverråna. You now have a gentle and wide ridge up to your right; Åndalsheia. Ascend this ridge where you find it most suitable, and then continue along this long ridge all the way to the summit of Dalmannshornet. At first the ridge is very wide, but later it gets more narrow and flatter.

The ascent route is well suitable also as descent route. When you get back to the saddle between Langedalsegga and 1064 you keep left of Langedalsegga and ski down Langedalen towards north-east.



19. April 2003

I had a little experience with mountain skiing having ascended Auskjeret a few times, so when my friend Pål asked me if I wanted to join him for a trip to Dalmannshornet this warm and sunny Easter Eve I couldn't resist the offer. We decided to meet at the Strandafjellet ski-slopes just before 10am, so we would have no problems finding space in the car park but late enough for the ski-lifts to have started running.

At Langedalsegga we struggled a little to get down its south-west slopes, partly because of little snow in the hill-side and partly because my technique wasn't very impressive. After having safely reached the saddle between Langedalsegga and 1064 we started on the long flat hike towards Åndalsheia. A little along this stretch we met Pål's second cousin Anne Lone, and she kept us company for the rest of our hike.

The hike up Åndalsheia and towards Dalmannshornet was a fantastic experience, with excellent snow, bright sky, high temperature (it was 19°C at Fjellsetra when I got back to our cabin late in the afternoon), stunning views, and enjoyable company. After a short stop at the summit we skied back down, following our ascent route for most parts, and then down Langedalen. A truly memorable day.

Photos 19.04.2003