Dyrdalstinden from Pusken


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, and OK path through most of the route.
Drinking water Running water from the river around trail head.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (June 2014).
Parking Room for many cars at car park by trail head.
Start height 392 metres
Vertical metres 980 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.0 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Dyrdalstinden trail head at Pusken.


From the E39/650 junction east of Sjøholt centre, approximately 40 km east of Ålesund centre, drive south on road 650, in the direction of Stordal.

- At 18.1 km you drive through Stordal centre.

- At 24.0 km turn left towards Overøye.

- At 33.0 km you pass the Arena Overøye ski-centre.

- At 34.8 km drive across a short and narrow bridge.

- At 35.3 km park on the car park on the left hand side of the road.

Start your walk by crossing the small concrete bridge next to the car park, and then turn right onto a path that runs on the right (south) side of a small field. Follow this path, which is marked by old red paint, for 1.3 km up to 660m and a path junction. Fork left onto a vaguer path marked by yellow ribbons, and follow this path north towards Dyrdalstinden's south ridge. Where the path is vague look out for yellow ribbons, and note also that the path gets better defined higher up. A little before you get to the south ridge, at 940m, the path vanishes for a short distance; just keep walking towards the ridge and you'll soon pick up the path. Follow the ridge, which has a path except for the boulder sections, up to the summit cairn, where you'll also find a summit registration book.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



03. June 2014

I had had Dyrdalstinden on my skiing list the last two winters, but had never come around to do it. So when hiking-mate Kjetil yesterday suggested to hike it after work on Tuesday I wasn't hard to persuade. We met at Arena Overøye ski-centre and drove together to Pusken, and thanks to information I had found on Internet we knew exactly where to walk.

The path to Dyrdalstinden was sufficiently well marked in the places where it was vague, and the whole walk was just pleasure thanks to firm ground, and also thanks to the comparison with the strenuous walk yesterday to Liahornet and Grøthornet.

After a longer-than-normal summit stay, on a slightly grey evening, we walked back down at a fair pace, and was yet again surprised by the easy terrain.

Photos 03.06.2014