Eggjenibba from Eggjestøylen


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty The route to Eggjenibba is steep in places, and there are three places along the north ridge where chains have been put in place to aid the scrambling. Most hikers will manage without these chains under normal conditions.
The route through the forest up to the north ridge, and the start of the north ridge, is on a well defined path. Above this there are plenty of paint on the rock that marks the best route. The path is a little boggy at the beginning and around mid-way up towards the ridge.
Drinking water Only stable access to running water from the river by trail head. Likely to be running water also from a couple of small streams mid-way up the forest.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (August 2010).
Parking Room for many cars at the car park by trail head.
Start height 542 metres.
Vertical metres 800 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 4.8 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Trail head, a little below Eggjestøylen.


There are two routes to where you exit from road E39 and onto the gravel road leading to the trail head:


From the intersection of roads E39 and 60 in Byrkjelo drive 5.3 km south on road E39. Turn left onto a gravel road where you see a wooden sign for Øvredalen.


From the round about in Skei, where roads E39 and 5 intersect, drive 14.7 km north on road E39. Turn right onto a gravel road where you see a wooden sign for Øvredalen.


From the Øvredalen exit from road E39 drive 3.4 km uphill. You will see a sign for "Eggenipa" pointing towards right, and you will have a car park on the left hand side. Park here.

From the car park cross the gravel road and follow the signs for "Eggenipa". After a few metres you cross a river, and the path continues directly west towards the steep east side of Eggjenibba. This path is well defined, and will take you all the way up to the north ridge of Eggjenibba. When you get on the ridge turn left (south), and follow the well marked path all the way to the summit. You will find plenty of red paint, in particular through the boulder/rocky sections. There are three sections which require the use of hands, but chains have been put in place, making the climb technically easy.

Towards the end the ridge gets more narrow, but hiking is easy and there is no real exposure. At the summit you will find a proper cairn, which holds a registration book. Note that the very highest point is located a few metres south from the summit cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



27. August 2010

I have been looking at Eggjenibba ever since I first saw it while participating at the Norwegian junior championships in athletics at Byrkjelo back in 1983, but I had never really had the opportunity to hike this fine mountain.

On this Friday Elisabeth and me were driving to Nesbyen, taking the day off, on our way to Halvard's 50th in Kongsberg the day after. We had decided to hike Eggjenibba, unless the conditions were really poor, and since it was only light rain we decided to go ahead with our planned hike. Unfortunately we had almost no view because of the thick fog, but a ridge hike like Eggjenibba doesn't offer any problems in terms of navigation so we decided to have a go.

The hike through the forest and bush up to the north ridge was easy, but not ideal since the terrain was very boggy in places. But once above the boggy section we had a very enjoyable hike, which included some easy scrambling along the ridge. From the summit cairn I decided to continue a few metres south, to the next small top, since I was (and still is) convinced that this point is slightly higher than where the cairn is located.

After a few photos we headed back down, and managed to get down to the car just in time before it started to rain quite seriously. Then a quick change of clothes before the rest of the drive to Nesbyen.
Photos 27.08.2010