Eidshaugen from Myrset


Estimated net time 2½-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Most of the hike is done on fine forest road and path, but there are some wet sections below and above the saddle.
Drinking water Access to running water from several sources along the route.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (June 2010).
Parking Room for a few cars at trail head, on the right hand side of the road.
Start height 154 metres
Vertical metres 655 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 7.9 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Parking and trail head.
  The route from Myrsetskaret towards Eidshaugen.


Assume your starting point is Molde. From the ferry port drive across the port area and turn right towards Kristiansund and Trondheim. When you get to the roundabout after 500 metres turn right, following signs for Kristiansund and Trondheim. Drive 18.2 km on road E39, but do not turn left to stay on E39. Instead continue straight ahead on road 62, following signs for Sunndalsøra. From here drive another 33.4 km to where road 660 exits right, and then another 1.8 km along road 62. Then turn right up a gravel road, signed "Skytebane", and drive 2.6 km along this gravel road. Park on the right hand side of the road, next to some post boxes and a gate.

Start walking by crossing the gate and follow the old forest road up to a second gate. Walk through this gate and stay on the forest road to its end, 1.5 km in total. The forest road now turns into a path, which you follow all the way up to the cairn with a registration book. From here proceed south-east and aim for the saddle where the power lines cross the saddle. From this point turn left towards the nearest cabin, and then turn more left in order to head north-east. You will find some stretches with a path up here, close to the cairns. When you get up to the summit ridge follow it to its north-east end, where you find the summit. The summit is marked with a pile of stones.

The descent is best done by reversing your ascent route.



11. June 2010

I had several reasons for heading north this Friday. Initially the plan was to go to Sunndalsøra for the annual ten-event throwing competition hosted by Tore and Svein Roger, but the day before I had decided to buy a new car which required me in Molde for signing papers.

Going to Sunndalsøra means an excuse for hiking in "new" territory, and just like last year I found a suitable mountain to hike on my way there. This year I was a bit limited in terms of what mountains I was willing to hike because of the snow, but Eidshaugen at 807 metres was likely to be free of snow and a nice hike.

Finding the trail head at Myrset was straight forward, and finding the route was made very easy by advice given by a local lady as well as two hikers (mother and daughter, I assume) coming down from Eidshaugen just before I was about to start my hike. I was therefore very confident that this would be an easy hike, and so it turned out. What wasn't so nice was the fact that it started to rain soon after I had left the car, and by the time I got to the summit thick fog had drifted in from south-west. Hence Eidshaugen didn't have much to offer in terms of view, and I could only imagine that the view would be first class on a nice day.

Back at the car it started to rain heavily a few seconds after I started to drive, so any though of doing a second mountain soon vanished. Instead I drove directly to Sunndalsøra where I met the other guys and settled for a couple of beers and lots of talk about "athletics in the old days".
Photos 11.06.2010