Etlådnefjellet from above Hovland


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but you will require to use your hands for balance when ascending from lake Vasstøltjørna. You will also need to use your hands for balance when climbing up from the pass Sandløypeskardet.
Drinking water Several sources of running water in the lower half of the route.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route, but a bit patchy in places (September 2010).
Parking Room for many cars at car park by trail head.
Start height 150 metres
Vertical metres 725 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.5 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Etlådnefjellet trail head.
  Fork left by lake Vasstøltjørna.
  Towards Sandløypeskardet and then turn right.


From Bergen drive road E39 south to Halhjem. From here get the ferry across to Våge on Tysnes. From the ferry port at Våge drive approximately 400 metres to the round about. Drive straight through the round about, following signs for Gjermundshamn and road 49, and drive approximately 9.8 km. Turn right towards Onarheim and drive another 5.5 km. Turn right onto a large car park and park here.

Start your hike by following the forest road from the car park. After 1.5 km on the forest road you get to lake Vasstøltjørna. Turn left here and continue on the forest road on the left (south) side of the lake. After 200 metres the forest road ends, and you should turn a little left, away from the lake. Cross the grass field, and you will soon find a path, which will take you up the steep slopes towards south. This path will take you up towards the pass at top of Sandløypeskardet. The path continues towards Hovlandsnuten, and you should turn right off the path towards the distinct pass.

From the pass turn right and climb up to the large plateau of Etlådnefjellet. Continue west, and you will soon see the communication mast at the northern top of Etlådnefjellet. Find your best route across to the mast, and from here head south to the highest point on Etlådnefjellet.

From Etlådnefjellet's summit head back towards the pass at Sandløypeskardet, and then follow your ascent route back down to the car.



25. September 2010

Saturday and day #2 of the annual fishing week-end. As usual I woke up long before anybody else, so I decided to hit the road and hike Etlådnefjellet. It was a crisp and sunny morning, and it was wonderful to be out and get rid of the last elements of alcohol from last night.

The hike up from lake Vasstøltjørna was a little steeper than anticipated, but nothing more difficult than some usage of hands for balance.

I hadn't done much research for this hike, and when I got up to what I thought was the summit (the top with the communication mast) I immediately started to wonder if the top 200 metres further south was higher. I therefore decided to visit also this top, and was quite happy that I did so when I checked the maps a few days later, and found that the southern top is the higher.

After having visited the summit I headed back down to the car, and drove back to Onarheim. Here I treated myself with a good breakfast, while three of the others were getting ready for a hike to Tysnessåta. The rest of us packed our fishing gear and headed up to lake Onarheimsvatnet.

Photos 25.09.2010