Fitjakollen from Drabløsskogen via Blådalen


Estimated net time 2-2½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Access to running water from river Vikelva.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route, except in the area along Vikelva before leaving the river.
Parking Room for some cars at the turning place at the end of the road at Drabløsskogen.
Start height 357 metres
Vertical metres 390 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 5.9 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Start of path to Blådalen.


From Ålesund drive to Magerholm and take the ferry across to Aursneset. From the ferry port drive 21.9 km towards Stranda on road 60, then take left towards Fjellsetra, and continue for 800 metres until you get to the first road that forks off to the right. Drive 2.9 km along this road until the road ends. Find parking here without blocking for turning cars.

Start walking by continuing east along the forest road. After 650 metres you will get to the Vikelva river. Turn right onto a path just before the river, and follow this path along Vikelva for approximately 1.4 km. You will be walking close to the river all the way, but at this point you will be less than a metre from the river. This is a suitable place to fill the water bottles and get some fresh water. Turn right here and head directly right (west) towards Fitjakollen. There is no path towards Fitjakollen from here, but the terrain is easy to cross, and by walking on the slightly elevated tussocks you will be able to stay dry and walk on firm ground. It's also worth noting that there are a couple of poles with reflecting bands, and there are also some very small orange plastic ribbons here and there.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



18. May 2013

Photos 18.05.2013


04. July 2009

Photos 04.07.2009


15. June 2008

The weather forecast for this Sunday wasn't very promising so I hadn't planned anything big hiking-wise. The idea of a hike together with the family (Elisabeth, Njål and Sigurd) therefore was a tempting idea, so we set out from our cabin at Fjellsetra at 11:15, in fine conditions.

Along the Vikelva river the path was surprisingly dry given the amount of rain we had seen the last week. The amount of water in the Vikelva river was probably caused just as much by melting snow as by a week of rain.

At Fitjakollen summit it was a little windy, but motivation for a stop is always high when there is chocolate and a cup of Bovril (not quite the original drunk in "the wrong end", but Billy Connolly hopefully would have approved) on offer. After some photos and the snack we headed down towards the two lower bumps of Fitjakollen, before heading east back to Blådalen and back to the cabin. As we got back to Blådalen it started to rain, and lasted for about 20 minutes.

Photos 15.06.2008