Fitjakollen from Drabløsskogen (ski)


Estimated net time 1½-2 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but during spring there could be some problems finding suitable crossing of some of the small streams.
Drinking water A number of streams that might have running water, at least during spring.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (March 2009).
Parking Room for many cars at the car park at Sunnmørsalpane ski-centre (NOK 30 per 2009).
Start height 357 metres
Vertical metres 380 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 3.8 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

 The skiing route to Fitjakollen from Drabløsskogen, seen from Auskjeret.


From Ålesund drive road 60 towards Magerholm and cross the fjord on the ferry to Aursneset. From the ferry port at Aursneset drive 21.9 km towards Stranda on road 60. Take left towards Fjellsetra, and continue 2.1 km until you get to the Sunnmørsalpane ski-centre. Park here (likely to be a fee; NOK 30 per April 2009).

From the car park ski downhill and across the small wooden bridge. Then turn left (east) and cross the flat "ski stadium". You will now join the tracks that run north-east along lake Nysætervatnet. Follow these tracks uphill. When the tracks start to run downhill continue another ~200 metres to just before the bottom of the soft downhill. You are now at Drabløsskogen.

From Drabløsskogen turn right off the tracks and ski uphill amongst the cabins. You will see the lowest of Fitjakollen's three small tops above you, and you should aim a little to the left (east) of this top. Your direction uphill is almost directly south. When you get above the forest, at a little above 600 metres, turn right (south-west) and continue along the first two small tops of Fitjakollen and then ascend the third top, which is the highest point and marked with a trigonometric point.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



31. March 2015

Photos 31.03.2015


18. December 2011

We were spending the week-end at our cabin at Fjellsetra, and after a night of heavy snowing I was very keen to trying my new randonee skis. I set out from our cabin a little after 10am, and ploughed my way to the summit in approximately 50 minutes. During my ascent it was snowing quite heavily, but when I got to the summit the weather cleared a little, allowing me sufficient visibility for my descent. Descending was very enjoyable and I managed to do a proper run down the steep slopes. Hence my confidence in my own skiing improved quite a bit after the disappointing skiing to Melen last week-end.

Photos 18.12.2011


03. April 2011

After a morning hike doing cross country skiing around lake Nysætervatnet together with Elisabeth, on a very fine spring Sunday, Sigurd and me decided to hike Fitjakollen. He would use his brand new snow shoes, carrying his snow board on his back, and I used snow shoes both up and down.

Except for a slightly windy summit the conditions were very nice, both in terms of sun and snow conditions.

Photos 03.04.2011