Flosteinnibba from Røyr in Strandadalen, return same way


Estimated net time 4-5 hours
Difficulty Steep through the forest up ~950 metres, but not difficult. Partly loose boulder last 200 vertical metres. Exposure towards east at summit.
Drinking water Running water between 100 metres below and 100 metres above lakes at 1080 metres.
GSM coverage Only coverage at top and in the lower regions (August 2007).
Parking Possible to park at the farm on the east side of road 60, by Røyr in Strandadalen. Permission should be asked for. Do not park and start the hike by the avalanche protection (3-4 metre high gravel cones) 500 metres further north, as described in the book "Fotturar på Sunnmøre" 1999 edition, as this will lead you into steep and dense forest.
Start height 423 metres
Vertical metres 1110 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 7.7 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   Start of route to Flosteinnibba.


From the Esso petrol station west of Stranda centre, drive 14.8 km on road 60 towards Hellesylt, to a farm in Røyr in Strandadalen.

Start by walking the forest road in a northern direction for 200 metres, then turn right (east) and follow the ridge through the birch forest. Keep left of the cliff at the top of the ridge. This part of the route is steep, but doesn't offer any problems. Mostly the vegetation is grass and proper birch trees. In the higher areas there is a small area of shrub and fern.

Above the forest it becomes flatter, and you continue to the left of the stream coming down from lake 1076, on a path. After having passed the small lake at 1076 metres, before getting to the bigger lake at 1081, turn left and continue north-east up the valley between Overvollshornet and Flosteinnibba. You can either continue all the way up to the saddle between Overvollshornet and Flosteinnibba, or you can gradually turn right (south-east) towards Flosteinnibba summit. The latter is the shorter route, but in the higher areas it gets steep and the boulder is a bit loose. But there are no difficulties. At the plateau you turn left (east) and head for the summit, marked by a cairn.

The descent route is the same as the ascent route.



3. August 2007

We were enjoying our summer holidays at our cabin at Fjellsetra. This Friday I was sent out to do shopping at Stranda, combined with a hike. I did the hike alone.

At ~15:00 I set out from the avalanche protections in Strandadalen. After about 50 metres of walking a car stopped down at road 60, and the driver signalled that he wanted to talk with me. I went back to the road, and it turned out that the guy had thought the "thing" sticking up from my back-pack (ice axe) was a fishing rod. This had triggered him to stop me, since he and some friends had put out small trout in the lake at 1081 metres, and he would like to have a fishing report from me when I got back down. I told him I wasn't going fishing but was on my way to Flosteinnibba. He then told me that I should not start my hike here, by the avalanche protection, since this would take me into cumbersome terrain. Instead I should follow him 500 metres further south in the Strandadalen valley, where a much better ascent could be found. I went back to my car and followed him to a farm on the east side of road 60 (lake 413 metres can be found on the other side of the road). I thanked him, and have later got confirmation that he gave a very useful advice.

I restarted my hike, and the time was now 15:30. The temperature was 14°C, and it was cloudy. I kept a good pace all the way to the top, and got there after 1:25 hours. After taking a few photos I headed straight back to the car, did my shopping in Stranda and went back to the cabin.

Photos 03.08.2007