Frostadtinden roundtrip CCW from Reset (ski)


Estimated net time 2-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but one should stay away from the cornices building up at the north side of the final ridge.
Drinking water Likely to be access to running water in the river draining from lake Litlevatnet, but nothing else.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route.
Parking Room for several cars at the parking place at trail head (Reset).
Start height 307 metres
Vertical metres 560 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 9.0 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   Frostadtinden trail head at Reset.
  Upper part of skiing route from Reset to Frostadtinden.


Drive to the intersection of roads 659 and 661 by Eidet (Tennfjord). Turn right towards Vatne, and continue from Vatne towards Fiksdal. 11.1 km after leaving Eidet one gets to the Haram-Vestnes municipality border by Reset. There is a parking place here, next to the vertically positioned boat indicating that one is now entering the Vestnes municipality.

Start skiing by heading south, finding the most suitable route up the steep section to the plateau at 540 metres. From here you will see two ridges further south, running in a west-east direction. Head for the rounded gully between these ridges and continue up to where the two ridges join. You are now on the west ridge of Frostadtinden. Continue along this ridge, making sure you stay away from the cornices that are likely to have been built up on the left (north) side of the ridge. You first get to the point 801, marked by a big cairn. Then a small descent before climbing up to the Frostadtinden summit, marked by a small cairn not located at the highest point.

For the descent continue north-east and gradually turn north. This area is fairly steep and narrow but not difficult. Further down the ridge gets wider, and the snow conditions are likely to be less icy. Gradually turn left (west) and pass the foot of Oterfjellet and then Melen, and head back to the car.



27. January 2008

At last I got to Frostadtinden! I had tried the previous Sunday, but never got further than sitting in the car for 30 minutes at Reset, waiting for the thick fog to give way for some visibility. Yesterday I got as far as Litlevatnet before throwing in the towel because of no visibility.

When I woke up this Sunday the first thing I did was to look out the window to check the hiking conditions; they were not great but the clouds were only down to something like 1200 metres so I decided to have another go at Frostadtinden. I drove to Reset on white roads, and at 10:00 I was on my way up the mountain. I had to break my own trail, but the snow was relatively firm so it was easy skiing up the first hill. As I got above 650 metres the frequency of icy patches was higher than I liked, thinking about the descent, but it made up-hill walking easy.

As I got to the final ridge the wind was picking up, but at no time did it cause any problems. Along the ridge a group of five grouse were out walking on the snow, and they didn't bother taking to the wings as I got closer, just quickly walking away.

The conditions down the north slope of Frostadtinden was very icy, and I decided to just glide sideways down the steep and narrow sections. Further down the snow was suitable for my limited skiing abilities.

I was a bit concerned about how the skiing would be across the flat area between Mellivatnet and the final descent to the car, but the snow was holding my weight, and ski skating was really superb across this area. Down here I met a number of other skiers, and I noticed that the car park was now full. Back at the car I quickly changed footwear and drove back to Brattvåg to watch Sigurd play a handball match they lost 6-11.

Photos 27.01.2008