Furekampane from Nedre Dyngeland


Estimated net time Less than one hour.
Difficulty There are some loose boulder in the gully in the lower part of the route, but above all the route is cumbersome up to the ridge.
Drinking water No stable access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (October 2014).
Parking It's difficult to find good parking along Dyngelandsvegen, and if you park down where this route description suggests you have to ask permission from the land owner.
Start height 74 metres
Vertical metres 180 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 1.7 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Furekampane trail head at Nedre Dyngeland.
  Start of off-path route to Furekampane.


From the junction between roads 580 and E39 by Nesttun, south of Bergen centre, drive road 580 in the direction of Indre Arna. Turn right onto "Dyngelandsvegen" after 3.5 km , and drive 900 metres. Turn sharp left and drive down towards some old storage buildings. Ask permission to park here, and if not granted drive back up to the main road and find somewhere to park.

Assuming you got permission to park down by the storage buildings (the land owner per 2014 is likely to give permission) follow this gravel road towards Furekampane's west slopes. Walk straight up to the largest house and pass it on its left hand side. Cross the stone fence just beyond the house's drive-way and turn right up a wet gully. Follow this gully up to a small marsh at 155m and then turn right and head uphill after 50 metres. Turn left when you get up to the ridge and follow a vague path approximately 250 metres north to the unmarked summit.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



16. October 2014

I was spending two days in Bergen for work, and took the opportunity for a couple of short hikes after work on this gorgeous Thursday. After having messed around a little trying to find a good trail head I ended up driving down a small road, which took me to a good place to park amongst some old buildings. A "no parking" sign told me not to drive any further, as I interpreted this sign to mean "no parking beyond this sign". After I had changed into hiking clothes a car came driving down from the houses at the end of the road, and I stopped the car to ask if it was OK to park where I had parked. The driver turned out to be the land owner, and he explained that the sign applied to the whole area, but since I had asked he was happy to allow me to park. He explained that on busy days it was people parked all over the place, blocking his access to the buildings and fields, and he was going to put up a new sign up by the main road. When I asked him about any potential routes up to Furekampane he got out of his car and explained in detail what would be the best route. I thanked him and started my hike according to his directions.

The route up the gully was fairly wet, and there were some loose boulder causing me to slide down a little a couple of places, but I got up to the summit ridge without too much hassle. The 250 metres along the ridge was quite straight forward and took me to the unmarked summit, from where I had very limited views. Hence my summit stop was rather short, before heading back down to the car, and then the drive across to Dyngelandsåsen.
Photos 16.10.2014