Grånebban & Sygardshaugen CW from Raudbergstultjønne


Estimated net time 1 hour
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No stable access to running water except from the stream at trail head.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (July 2011).
Parking Room for 3-4 cars by trail head.
Start height 995 metres
Vertical metres 205 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 2.8 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Trail head by lake Raudbergstultjønne.


From the round about in Lom where roads 15 and 55 meet, drive 19.4 km along road 55 in the direction of Sogndal, and turn left where signed for "Galdhøpiggen", "Juvvasshytta" and more. Drive 4.3 km up this road, until you get the small lake Raudbergstultjønne on your left hand side. Park at the small area next to the lake.

Start walking by following the obvious path uphill, in a northern direction. Fork left after less than 200 metres and pass the cabin on the left hand side. Follow the path that runs down into the saddle, and cross the saddle on a partly boggy path. Then continue on the wide path directly uphill. The summit of Grånebban is the second of the two small tops, and is marked by a small cairn and a couple of larger stones.

From Grånebban continue north and then turn right onto a vague path that takes you east along the east ridge of Grånebban. At the end of this ridge turn right and head downhill to left (east) end of the wet area. There is no path to follow. Down in the saddle you will find a path which will take you up to the summit of Sygardshaugen. This top is marked by a large pile of stones.

From Sygardshaugen turn right and head west down to where you join your ascent path below the cabin. From here follow the obvious path back down to your car.



01. July 2011

The intention had been to hike Galdhøpiggen this Friday, but because of thick fog down to 1400 metres we had settled for shopping in Lom and I had hiked Høgkollen. Most of us hadn't come to this part of Norway to do shopping, so we agreed that an easy evening stroll would definitely be better than nothing, and would at least give fresh air. We decided to hike the small tops next to Raudbergstulen, and we also agreed that Njål didn't have to come along if he didn't want to. And of course he didn't, so the party consisted of Elisabeth, Knut Steinar, Sigurd and myself.

We found the trail head without much ado, and set out towards Grånebban in light rain. Sine this top was reached in less than 15 minutes we decided to make the hike a little longer by completing the circle and hike Sygardshaugen when coming back towards our car. Hence we managed to get a 40+ minutes stroll, and some fresh air. Hopefully the weather would improve before tomorrows definite attempt at Galdhøpiggen ...
Photos 01.07.2011