Gullmorhornet from Brunstad


Estimated net time 5-7 hours
Difficulty The short section along lake Gullmordalsvatnet, before you start the ascent up from the lake, requires some easy scrambling. Be careful not to fall into the lake, but this is straight forward terrain where you hardly have to use your hands.
The ascent from lake Gullmordalsvatnet is quite steep and the gravel is a little loose, so be careful and make sure you don't set stones in motion that can hit hikers below. There are no technical difficulties.
After you have passed below Gullmorhornet on the north side, a little below the summit, you get to a small gully. Above the gully there's a touch of exposure and some easy scrambling with good hand holds. This section is likely to be quite difficult if it's icy.
Drinking water Several sources of running water up to lake Gullmordalsvatnet.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (August 2014).
Parking Room for many cars around trail head.
Start height 119 metres
Vertical metres 1265 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 13.1 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Gullmorhornet trail head at Brunstad.
  Route up Gullmorbrekka towards Gullmorhornet.
  Route towards Gullmorhornet along lake Gullmordalsvatnet.
  Route below Gullmorhornet's north wall.
  Easy scrambling in Gullmorhornet's west slopes.


From Ålesund drive road E39 south towards Bergen, turn onto road 60 signed for Sykkylven, and get the ferry from Magerholm to Sykkylven. Drive approximately 17 km and turn right where signed for Brunstad (onto the road Vallavagen). Start measuring from here.

- At 0.5 km turn left where signed "Brunstad", onto the road Brunstadvegen.

- At 1.3 km turn right onto Bøvegen.

- At 1.8 km turn right across a bridge and park without blocking for other traffic.

Start your hike by following the closed service road uphill (south). Make sure you fork right in the two splits after 1.2 km and 1.5 km. 350 metres after the second road fork the road ends and the path starts at the other side of a foot bridge. Follow this path 1.9 km into the valley, making sure you fork left a little more than 100 metres after the cabin at Velleseter (forking right will take you towards Lille Kløvheitind). At the south end of the valley look for red paint and small cairns in order to locate the path taking you up Gullmorbrekka. It can be a little difficult to locate the lower part of the path because of an avalanche.

At the top of Gullmorbrekka continue south-east to the north end of lake Gullmordalsvatnet. Turn a little right and follow the right (west) side of the lake, either on some stones along the shore, or by some easy scrambling a little higher up (the first option is only available when the water level is low). Once you've scrambled across the cliff bands turn right and head directly uphill (west) through scree and grass; the terrain is fairly steep but no scrambling is required. At 1120m turn a little left and follow the gentle ridge south-west towards the rounded top of Gullmorhornet. Pass the distinct dome on the right (north) side and turn left into a gully at the west end of the dome. Half-way up the gully turn right and walk around a large rock, and then turn left and head up to the summit cairn, expecting some very easy scrambling.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



29. August 2014

I hadn't hiked any new mountains in more than two weeks and given the excellent weather I decided to leave work early and hike Gullmorhornet. Hiking mate Kjetil was as usual keen to join, and we met at Brunstad a little before lunch.

The long hike up to lake Gullmordalsvatnet was uneventful, and we easily found the route to get past the cliff bands at the start of the lake. From here it was steep going for a short distance before more gentle terrain as we got closer to the summit dome. The gully a little below the summit looked quite challenging, but it turned out to be very straight forward to by-pass the upper section of it, and then some easy scrambling to get across to the last few easy metres to the summit. I mis-navigated a little in the scrambling section and ended up with slightly more exposed and difficult scrambling than necessary, but on dry rock I was well inside my comfort zone. At the summit we were greeted with very nice views.

While descending we met a woman at the top of Gullmorbrekka. We chatted with her for a while and it turned out she was out looking for her sheep as they were going to start bringing the animals back to the farm the following week. Today she wanted to find out if any of them had been stuck on e.g. shelves high up in the mountains sides.

Down at the service road below Velleseter we met two guys on their way uphill, and after the usual "where have you been / where are you going" one of the guys told us that the other guy was the one who had given the name Gullmorhornet to the top we had just been to; there had been a number of guys sitting at the Velleseter cabin some time in the 1970s and this guy had stated that "the mountain shall be called Gullmorhornet". And after that day the mountain had been known by that name, having had no name before this.

After the hike I drove up to Fjellsetra where I met Elisabeth and the boys.

Photos 29.08.2014