Hallingnatten from Nystølen (ski)


Estimated net time 4-5 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to drinking water during winter.
GSM coverage Coverage at trail head, else unknown (March 2009).
Parking Room for many cars around trail head. If you decide to start by the small ski-centre at Nystølen you will find a car park at the foot of the slope.
Start height 900 metres
Vertical metres 690 metres for the roundtrip (depends a little on your exact trail head and route)
Trip distance 28.2 km (depends a little on your exact trail head and route)
GPS-file X


Route photo



From Nesbyen drive west towards Tunhovd, and then follow signs for Nystølen.

There are several tracks to follow to get to Hallingnatten from Nystølen, and there are several trail heads. In general ski south, following signs for Hallingnatten. Normally there are tracks all the way to the summit.



18. February 2014

We were spending our winter holiday at Golsfjellet, and were visiting Håvard and his family this wonderful Tuesday. Before dinner and drinks five of us (Elisabeth, Helge, Håvard, Njål and me) did a fantastic cross country skiing hike to Hallingnatten. The only down-side was that I broke one of my new poles (purchased the day before) after approximately 5 km. This was most annoying, and even more so because it happened from clean skiing (me just pushing hard across a flat section). But thanks to some birch branches and sports tape I managed to mend it sufficiently to be able to complete the next 25 km.

At the summit we had a fantastic view, in windless conditions, and enjoyed our sandwiches before heading back down for a nice bacalao and corresponding drinks.

Photos 18.02.2014


20. March 2009

The annual ski week-end at my friend Håvard's cabin above Nesbyen was this year arranged in late March instead of the usual early February. A potential benefit of this was warmer weather and longer days, but it also had the potential for more difficult snow conditions.

Håvard and me arrived at his cabin late Thursday night, and this Friday we were greeted with fantastic weather when looking out the windows. After having had breakfast and waxed the skis we were on our way to Hallingnatten just before noon.

The tracks hadn't been prepared since the previous week-end, but since there hadn't been any snow-fall and the sun had had time to slightly melt the frozen tracks the skiing conditions were acceptable. There was a light wind, but the sun was nice and warming, making the hike to Hallingnatten an enjoyable journey. From approximately 20 vertical metres below the summit there was a very strong wind, making our summit stop a short one. However, the summit cairn is relatively big so it is possible to find shelter. But to hide behind a cairn isn't my idea of a perfect summit stop, so after having had some water and a sandwich we started our hike back down to Håvard's cabin.

Not long after getting back to the cabin Terje and Tore arrived, followed by Halvard and Olav a little later. From then on it was the traditional "Tore's taco", beer and a good session of Mexican.

Photos 20.03.2009