Hasundhornet, Flåna, Garnestua from Hammarstøylsvatnet


Estimated net time 2-2½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to running water.
GSM coverage No or poor coverage along the road after having descended Garnestua and back to the car.
Parking Room for several cars at trail head.
Start height 335 metres
Vertical metres 540 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 9.5 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  


Take the ferry from Sulesund to Hareid. From the round-about just after having got off the ferry at Hareid, drive 6.6 km towards Ulsteinvik on road 61. Turn left here onto a gravel road, and after 500 metres turn left again. Continue along this road for another 2.9 km. Here you find a car park on your left hand side and signs for Hasundhornet on your right. Park here and start hiking by following the signs for Hasundhornet. The path up to Hasundhornet is well defined all the way, but can in some places be quite wet.

From Hasundhornet walk a few tens of metres south-east to locate the path that will take you across to Flåna. From Flåna continue east/south-east and then gradually south to follow the path up to Garnestua.

From Garnestua you walk back down towards north and then turn right (east) in order to follow the ridge that runs around and well above Mørkevatnet (on your right). Follow this path all the way down to Fjellsvatnet, where you turn left when you get onto the gravel road that will take you back to trail head.



29. May 2008

Another day working in Ulsteinvik, and this means another mountain at the Hareidlandet island. Also this Thursday I gave Ansgar a ring to ask if he wanted to come along, and as usual he was keen. Just like when we did Høgåsen together a few weeks back he brought his youngest daughter Jonetta (2½).

We met at Ansgar's house and drove up to trail head, where we were ready to start hiking at 16:30. Jonetta was more keen on walking than sitting on Ansgar's shoulders (no child carrier this time), and although it was a nice and warm evening (19°C at trail head, no wind, and mostly sunny) we weren't prepared to spend the next six hours on getting around our planned route. Ansgar therefore carried Jonetta most of the way, to her mixed satisfaction.

It really was a nice evening, and we saw a number of other hikers in the nice Ulstein mountains. And when you bring along a 2½ year old you do get the chance to enjoy. And because of the relatively dry spring we have had the terrain was nice and dry also in the places where it normally would be quite wet. All in all a most enjoyable hike!!

The trip home wasn't that perfect: the Hareid-Sulesund ferry usually runs every half hour, and I was at Hareid well in time for the 20:00 ferry. As it turned out this was the first ferry of the evening that didn't run according to the "normal" intervals. The positive side of it was that I had my lap-top in the car and was able to start writing this trip report.

Photos 29.05.2008