Hausdalshorga from Øvstebø


Estimated net time 2-2½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
The whole route is hiked on path. East of the river the path can be a little vague and wet in places, but it is well marked by small wooden poles with red paint.
Drinking water Only stable access to running water from the river Dyrdalselva, and it's really only accessible around where you cross it on the bridge.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (August 2010).
Parking Room for 2-3 cars at trail head. Make sure you don't block for other traffic.
Start height 250 metres.
Vertical metres 560 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 5.7 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Parking and trail head at Øvstebø.
  First section of path from Øvstebø.
  Fork right before stone building and continue along river.
  Bridge for crossing river Dyrdalselva.


From Bergen drive south to Nesttun, and then road E39 towards Os and Stavanger. Approximately 6 km from Nesttun, while driving along lake Kalandsvatnet, turn left where signed for "Bontveit". Drive 9.4 km along this road, to a turning place for cars. From here take the left exit, onto the road "Øvstebøvegen", and drive 630 metres to a farm (make sure you fork left after 250 metres). Park on the small turning place outside the farm gate.

Start your hike by walking through the farm gate, and then bear a little left, aiming for a gate above the farm house. Shortly after this gate you get into a dense spruce forest, and you stay on this path along the west side of the river. After approximately 600 metres the path does a 90° left turn and moves a little away from the path, and after a couple of zigzags the path continues north-east.

When the terrain gets flatter you get to an old stone building. Fork right just before it and follow this less defined path down towards the river. Walk along the river for a a few tens of metres and cross on the narrow wooden bridge. The path is less visible on the other (east) side of the bridge, but there are small wooden poles with red paint that guide you. The path soon bears a little right, heading south/south-east towards Hausdalshorga's south-west ridge. When you're close to the ridge the path turns left (east), and soon left again in order to follow the ridge towards the summit.

At the south-western end of the summit plateau you get to a large cairn with a registration book, but you need to continue another 390 metres in order to claim the summit. This point is marked by a single stone.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



10. August 2010

My first day after summer holidays at our Hagavik factory, and I was keen to bag one of the few reminding tops on my Gullfjellet massif list. I had seen from that Hausdalshorga could be hiked from south, hence I wouldn't need to drive all the way up to lake Osavatnet from Os. I had also seen that the river Dyrdalselva might be possible to cross in dry periods so when I got up to the flatter area before lake Dyrdalsvatnet I decided to follow a vague path leading down towards the river. To my surprise I saw a wooden foot bridge approximately 50 metres ahead, so I crossed this bridge. And it was a second surprise to find a marked path at the other side of the river. I obviously followed this path, which was quite wet in places, but not boggy since I'm sure it is not frequently used. This path took me gently uphill to the south-west ridge, and from here up to the summit cairn. From the summit cairn it was an easy hike across to the highest point.

The weather forecast for this Tuesday had been rain in the afternoon, but so far it had only been grey, with clouds sitting fairly high. However, minutes after I started my descent it started to rain, but by now I had stowed away my camera and was only focusing on getting back to the car. Anyway, the rain soon stopped, and I had enjoyed yet another great Gullfjellet hike.
Photos 10.08.2010