Heida from Jøsokbakken


Estimated net time Less than an hour.
Difficulty No difficulties.
Most of the route is done on path, and the exception in the south-east slopes is easy terrain amongst some juniper.
Drinking water No access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (March 2012).
Parking Room for a couple of cars at trail head, but it's probably worth asking permission to park.
Start height 83 metres
Vertical metres 170 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 2.0 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Heida trail head by Jøsokbakken.
  Turn left and head uphill before cabin for Heida.


Assume your starting point is the Ålesund area. Drive road 61 to Sulesund and take the ferry across to Hareid. Start measuring at the Hareid ferry port:
- At 10.7 km to the round about south of Ulsteinvik and leave on the second exit, continuing on road 61 towards Måløy.

- At 16.1 km turn right towards Måløy, staying on road 61.

- At 19.1 km turn left towards Måløy, still on road 61.

- At 22.5 km turn left towards Voldnes.

- At 26.8 km turn sharp right. The main road continues straight ahead.

- At 27.6 km turn right where signed for "Jøsokbakken".

- At 28.2 km park where suitable at the end of the road. There are a couple of houses and a small barn here, and you should ask for permission to park.

Start your hike by walking east on the left hand side of the barn. The path is quite wide and obviously man-made. After approximately 300 metres you get to a cabin, and should turn left just before the fence. Find your best route up the steep section, cross the flat section by heading north, and you will find the path going east-west across Heida. Turn left and follow this path to the summit. The highest point isn't marked, but there is a cairn with a summit registration book a few metres further north, as well as an old trigonometric point marker.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



27. March 2012

I had intended to hike Heida from north, but while descending Laupsnipa a little earlier this afternoon I had spotted a cabin on the south-east slopes of Heida, and it looked quite reasonable to get from the cabin and onto the east end of the summit plateau. However, I didn't know how to get to the cabin, but while driving from Laupsnipa I found a road going in the direction of the cabin so gave it a try. After not long the road turned west, which wasn't what I wanted, but I decided to keep going to see if the road would make another 180° turn and bring me closer to where I wanted to go. And when it did, after a few hundred metres, I started to gain confidence that this route might be on.

When the road ended amongst a few houses I was pretty sure this would be a good route, but I was unsure about parking the car. Only one thing to do; park the car and ask one of the locals. I rang the door bell of the house that looked most likely to have someone home, and after a while an elderly lady opened the door. I think she was a bit surprised, but was very helpful both in terms of giving me advice on where to walk and allowing me to park my car next to her drive way. In general she was very talkative, and I felt obliged to spare her a few minutes of my time; I assume she didn't get visitors every day. When she started to tell me about her childhood house, only 20-30 metres away, that had been totally destroyed in a fire only weeks ago, she was close to weep and I felt quite happy letting her talk about this shattering moment in her recent life.

After thanking the helpful lady I set out along the wide path that would lead me to the cabin I had spotted from Laupsnipa. From the cabin I got a bit uncertain about the best route up the steep south slopes, but it worked well when I found some sheep tracks. When I got up the steep section I had to combat a short section of juniper, but there were tracks amongst the bushes, and soon I was on the path running east-west across Heida. This took me to the summit, from where I had some foggy views towards the neighbouring mountains. Hence a short summit stop before heading back down to the car and a short drive to the final top of the day; Kleppeåsen.
Photos 27.03.2012