Høgelinatten clock-wise from Natten


Estimated net time 2-2½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but some of the off-path sections are a little cumbersome.
Drinking water No access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (July 2012).
Parking Room for a couple of cars around trail head.
Start height 1050 metres
Vertical metres 380 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 5.9 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Høgelinatten trail head above Natten.
  Route from Syningen towards Høgelinatten.
  Ascent route of Høgelinatten.


From Nesbyen, on road 7, drive approximately 8.5 km west towards Rukkedalen, and turn left where signed for Nesbyen ski-centre. Drive 5.0 km to just below the ski-centre and turn left here, where it's signed for "Natten". Start measuring from here:

- At 2.1 km turn right towards "Natten" in the T-junction.

- At 2.8 km turn left where signed "268-320" (cabin numbers).

- At 2.9 km turn right where signed for "309-317".

- At 3.3 km turn right in T-junction, just after having crossed a bridge.

- At 3.9 km locate a short gravel road going right, and park here.

Start your hike by continuing on the gravel road you drove uphill. After 50 metres the road ends, and the next 50 metres is a section of gravel piles. When you've passed the piles you will find a path going slightly to the right, and then uphill. Follow this path up to the ski-slopes and then walk to the top of the ski-slopes and you will see Syningen summit, with its mast and trigonometric point marker. Head across to Syningen, and from here follow the path south and then east. At the lowest point between Syningen and Sjåfunatten leave the path and head downhill towards right. Find your best way down through the forest, and then turn left in order to cross the marsh north of Høgelinatten. Pass between the two small lakes and aim for somewhere slightly to the left of centre of Høgelinatten's north slopes. Again find your best route through the forest and up to the summit, which is marked by a cairn. There is also a trigonometric point marker laying on the ground.

From Høgelinatten descend west, down and then through the forest, to the south side of lake Hjartetjernet. At the south-west end of the lake you will find a vague path marked by red paint, which can be followed north all the way to the gravel road going up to the trail head. When you meet the gravel road turn right and walk up to the trail head.



27. July 2012

I had arrived at Håvard's cabin the night before, and the plan for this Friday was to hike either Veslebotnskarvet or Reineskarvet. But Thursday night ended up being a late night, in good company from the neighbour cabin, and we found it wise not to take on the drive required for either of the two mountains. And besides, Håvard wasn't up to any hiking at all, but I managed to change his mind when tempting him with an easy local top. More precisely, I tempted him with two tops, but after the hike I found out that I had completely miscalculated the primary factor of the first top, and hence we only bagged Høgelinatten.

The hike was done in fine conditions, as opposed to the hikers, but slightly cumbersome off-path sections, down from Syningen and up to Høgelinatten, made the hike less of a stroll than we had hoped for. But the path we found on the west side of lake Hjartetjernet, and the excellent views from Syningen, made us enjoy the hike much more than anticipated when setting out a couple of hours earlier.
Photos 27.07.2012