Hornindalsrokken from Hornindalssætra, return same way


Estimated net time 5-6 hours
Difficulty Steep path with loose stone and gravel between 750 and 1220 metres altitude. Approximately 300 metres on snow from the saddle between Hornindalsrokken and Lidafjellet, where an ice axe might be useful.
Drinking water Close to no access to running water after having passed lake Store Luka.
GSM coverage Coverage at the summit (July 2007).
Parking Room for many cars at the parking place below Hornindalssætra.
Start height 393 metres
Vertical metres 1220 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 13.2 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   The route up the gully towards Hornindalsrokken.


From Stranda drive road 60 towards Hellesylt, and then continue towards Stryn until you get to "Horndøla bru" (Horndøla bridge) 2.2 km west of the county border between Møre&Romsdal and Sogn&Fjordane. Directly after having passed the bridge turn right (by a kiosk). Drive along the forest road until you get to an unmanned toll station after 100 metres (NOK 20 per July 2007). Continue for another 1.2 km until you see signs for parking, just below Hornindalssætra. Park the car here.

Start the hike by walking along this forest road, which is actually the old service road for the dams at the foot of Hornindalsrokken. This road will take you up to lake Store Luka, where the proper ascent of Hornindalsrokken starts. The total distance you walk on this road is 3.2 km.

Towards the end of the road it gradually disappears, and you get onto an area of slab. From here you can see red markings showing what direction to follow. After the area of slab the road re-appears. You have now reached the lake Store Luka. Stay on the left (west) side of the lake, and turn right at the north end. You will now start the steep climb up to the saddle between Hornindalsrokken and Lidafjellet; just follow the red markings. The path at first traverses along the west side of the mountain, taking you to the distinct gully that leads up to the saddle. Some care should be shown in this gully, in particular with respect to climbers below you. There is a lot of loose stones that can easily be set in motion.

When you get to the saddle, turn left and cross the area of snow that is most likely there. This area is relatively flat so there is no real need for an ice axe. You now have the Hornindalsrokken summit up to your left, but the normal route continues further to north-west, pass the summit. You get off the snow, and proceed towards the next area of snow. This stretch of snow is shorter than the previous one, but much steeper so an ice axe could be very handy. When you get to the almost vertical west wall of Hornindalsrokken, turn left (south) and continue along the ridge to the summit, which is marked by a cairn.

The descent is best done the same way as the ascent, and again you ought to show care in the gravel gully.



27. July 2007

I took a day off work this Friday, and decided to do Hornindalsrokken. The weather was fair (cloudy, almost no wind, 17°C) when I started from Hornindalssætra at 08:45, and remained the same throughout the 3½ hours the hike lasted. When I got up to the saddle, and started crossing the snow, I realised I hade made one mistake: I forgot to bring my ice axe. Luckily the snow was relatively soft and wet, so my Tecnica boots were able to kick sufficient steps into the snow in the steeper areas of snow.

I did this hike on my own, and didn't meet other hikers before I was back down below Store Luka.

Photos 27.07.2007