Hornseten from Berge


Estimated net time ½-1 hour
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route.
Parking Room for several cars at trail head.
Start height 63 metres
Vertical metres 130 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 2.0 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   Start of route to Hornseten.


From Ålesund drive road 61 towards Sulesund and get the ferry across to Hareid. From Hareid drive approximately 10.5 km on road 61, to the round-about just outside Ulsteinvik. From here continue on road 61 towards Måløy for 5.4 km, then turn right to stay on road 61. 2.9 km further on, fork right onto road 654. Stay on road 654 and follow signs for "Fosnavåg". After approximately 15.0 km you get to the bridge across to Bergsøya. After you have landed on Bergsøya continue on road 654 for another 1.0 km and turn right. Turn right after 130 metres, and continue uphill for 320 metres. Turn right again and drive another 350 metres. Find parking by the "Tussa" power transforming station.

Start walking by following the path that runs north-west from the Tussa-building, through a small valley. After approximately 450 metres you will see a sign for "Hornseten", and you do a sharp right into a small forest. Follow the path through the forest and then continue all the way to the summit, which is marked by a big cairn.

The descent route follows the ascent route.



14. December 2008

I had already done Igesundshetta this Sunday, and did have just enough time to squeeze in also Hornseten before having to pick up the 12 year old handball boys at the sports centre in Fosnavåg. Well, at least that's what I hoped. When I left the Igesundshetta trail head I didn't bother studying the map to find out how to get to the Hornseten trail head, but assumed instincts would help me in finding my way. Luckily I was open for plan B; ask someone for directions, and this is what I ended up having to do. The kind lady, who was out on her Sunday stroll with the dog, gave me good directions for the Hornseten trail head, and within a couple of minutes I was ready to start my hike.

I now realised I would have sufficient time to visit Hornseten and be back in time to pick up the boys, but I wanted to play safe and ran most of the way up to the summit. The icy conditions I had experienced earlier in the day when hiking Igesundshetta were replaced by nice and firm snow for most of the Hornseten route. Also the weather had improved considerably, so this was a much more enjoyable hike.

At the summit I felt like spending a lot of time, enjoying the views and the sun, but there was no time for much more than a few photos, before running back down to the car. I then drove down to the sports centre, and as I was walking from the car to the main entrance I could hear the referee's signal that the handball game had finished; perfect timing. While the boys were having a post-match talk in the changing room, and then buying some snacks, I was able to have a quick shower and get changed. Perfect!

Photos 14.12.2008