Hovdenakken from Halsen, return via Nordre Bjørnaskaret


Estimated net time 1½-2 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route.
Parking Room for 6-8 cars at trail head.
Start height 303 metres
Vertical metres 340 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 5.0 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   Route up to Ramnefjellet.
  Descent route down Nordre Bjørnaskaret.


Take the ferry from Sulesund to Hareid. From the round-about just after having got off the ferry at Hareid, drive 6.6 km towards Ulsteinvik on road 61. Turn left here onto a gravel road, and after 500 metres turn left again. Another 500 metres later you pass a rubbish dump, and then continue for 1.2 km until you have a parking place on your left, just before the power lines cross the road. Park here.

Start hiking by following the clear path towards east, aiming directly for the foot of Ramnefjellet. Follow the path up the south-west end of Ramnefjellet, and continue along the path down into the saddle between Ramnefjellet and Hovdenakken (this saddle is actually split into two smaller saddles). Then follow the south ridge of Hovdenakken all the way to its summit.

The descent can be done via the ascent route, but for variation it is worth descending from the saddle between Hovdenakken and Ramnefjellet (Nordre Bjørnaskaret). From Hovdenakken summit descend back down the south ridge. When you get to the northern most of the smaller saddles follow the path that slightly climbs the small hill between the two saddles, and follow the path that is bearing right (west). Note that for a small stretch this path is relatively close (1-2 metres) from a steep wall, so a minimum of care should be shown if small kids are walking here. This path will take you down to the foot of the gully going up to the southern of the two smaller saddles, and from there the path leads back to the gravel road, 650 metres (along the road) further north than the trail head. You finish your hike by walking back to the car on this gravel road.



9. April 2008

I was working in Ulsteinvik this Wednesday, and decided to pack hiking gear before I left home in the morning with the intention of doing some kind of hike in the Ulstein/Hareid area after work. By the time I had finished work the sky was mostly cloudy and the wind had picked up, but it was still OK conditions for a small hike. The main deciding factor for what mountain to hike was the amount of snow in the mountains.

Before leaving home in the morning I didn't really have time for both packing hiking gear and study maps, so I obviously went for packing as I knew I would be able to find out where to hike by asking people. When you live in the county of Møre & Romsdal the best source for information is probably Arnt (www.westcoastpeaks.com), so in the afternoon I simply called him to ask for advice. He made a couple of suggestions, and we concluded that the amount of snow would be the deciding factor for where to hike.

I drove up towards Hammarstøylsvatnet on the Ulstein/Hareid municipality border and quickly concluded that Hovdenakken would save me from serious snow. It was now 5°C and a bit windy, but in general fine conditions. I set out from the parking place at 17:10 and was at Ramnefjellet less than 14 minutes later. After taking some photos here I continued towards Hovdenakken and got there just over 30 minutes after leaving the car. On my way up the final hill I passed a mother and her daughter, obviously out for some exercise.

At the Hovdenakken summit I took some more photos before heading back down where I had ascended. I met the mother and daughter and had a quick chat with them. They had ascended the gully between Hovdenakken and Ramnefjellet, and I decided that I would descend here in order to get some variation.

The path from the foot of the gully down to the gravel road was quite wet, since there still was a fair amount of snow melting, but since I only had ten minutes hiking left it didn't matter if I got a little wet.

Photos 09.04.2008