Innergardsnebba to Mana from Innergardssetra
Innergardsnebba  Sørheia  Mana


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but a stream crossing a little before the finish of the hike can be a little tricky if there's a lot of water.
Drinking water Several sources of running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (June 2014).
Parking Room for several cars at trail head car park.
Start height 414 metres
Vertical metres 680 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.5 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Innergardsnebba/Sørheia trail head by Innergardssetra.
  Route to Sørheia and Mana from Innergardsnebba.


Start measuring from the round about east of Molde centre where roads E39 and 662 intersect (this is approximately 0.8 km along E39 from the ferry port). Drive E39 east in the direction of Trondheim:

- At 18.5 km turn left in order to continue on E39.

- At 27.9 km you pass the Åndalen exit towards left (this is the southern Åndalen exit).

- At 31.8 km turn right just before a bus stop. There's a wooden sign for "Silsetfjellet".

Alternatively, if you arrive E39 from north/Batnfjordsøra, drive 2.3 km and turn left just after a bus stop. There's a wooden sign for "Silsetfjellet".

From the E39 exit drive uphill and fork right after 300 metres. Drive another 300 metres and pay toll in the unmanned booth (NOK 40 per 2014). Continue another 3.8 km to the end of the road, at Innergardssetra. Park here.

Start your hike by following the signed path towards Innergardsnebba, in a northern direction. There are two small summits close to each other, of similar height, but the one to the right (east) is likely to be the higher. From the summit head east and then north-east down into the saddle between Innergardsnebba and Sørheia. There is a path down to the saddle and up on the other side, but when the path turns a little left (north) leave the path and head directly uphill. Continue north-east to Sørheia's summit, which is marked by a cairn.

From Sørheia walk south-east to Mana's summit cairn. And from Mana follow the path marked by red plastic poles towards south. At approximately 700m the path fades away and the plastic poles marks a route heading left (south-east). Continue to follow the plastic poles, which will take you onto a path leading through the bush. Then down past a couple of cabins, across a stream that can have a lot of water when it's wet, and finally along the marked path back to the car park.



21. June 2014

I had already hiked Middagshaugen and Stokkåsen this Saturday, and after a quick stop down at Batnfjordsøra for some rolls while waiting for the heavy rain to stop, I drove up to Innergardssetra at the east side of lake Silsetvatnet. Here I was pleasantly surprised to find a signed path to Innergardsnebba, which made this part of the route very straight forward. The next section, up to Sørheia, also offered easy hiking, and from here I decided to include also Mana and follow its south-west slopes back down to the car.

Descending from Mana produced the second pleasant surprise of the day in the form of another marked path. However, this path was quite boggy in places, but it made navigation easy and took me nicely back to my starting point.

After the hike and a quick change of clothes it was back to Amund's for a fine dinner, World Cup football on television, and a couple of beers.

Photos 21.06.2014