Jolgr°hornet from Stavseng (ski)


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water A number of streams around trail head that might have running water, at least during spring..
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (April 2009).
Parking Room for many cars at trail head.
Start height 321 metres
Vertical metres 980 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 9.5 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  Start of the route to Jolgr°hornet, from Stavseng.
 The skiing route to Vardebakkane, and final climb to Jolgr°hornet summit.


Two of the potential approaches for the trail head at Stavseng are


If driving from ┼lesund follow road E136 towards Sj°holt. At Sj°holt turn right towards "Geiranger" and "Stordal" onto road 650. Follow this road for 31.8 km, and turn right up a gravel road (this is the second of two roads going off to the right, separated by just over 100 metres). Drive 200 metres up this road and find parking at the car park.


If arriving from the Stranda-Liabygda ferry drive 3.2 km from the ferry port at Gravaneset. Turn left when you meet road 650 and drive 1.6 km, and turn left onto a gravel road (this is the first of two roads going off to the left, separated by just over 100 metres). Drive 200 metres up this road and find parking at the car park.


From the car park ski across the field on the right hand side of the right-most (east-most) stream. When you get above the farm and get to a mountain road, turn sharp left and follow the mountain road as it zigzags uphill. 150 metres after the sharp left the road makes a sharp right. 400 metres later it does a sharp left, then a sharp right 200 metres later, and finally a sharp left a little over 100 metres later. Ski another 130 metres and turn right in order to head north-west. You are now just above StavsengsŠtra. You will now see Vardebakkane to the north-west, and Jolgr°hornet summit a little right of Vardebakkane. Proceed uphill, towards the foot of the hill up to Vardebakkane, across relatively flat terrain. After having crossed the river Ringsetelva find your best route up to Vardebakkane.

From Vardebakkane ski across the flat section to the foot of the final hill. Make sure you stay left up this hill, and then move right close to the summit. The summit is marked by a proper cairn.

The descent is best done via the ascent route.



11. April 2009

The weather this Easter Eve wasn't terribly great in the morning hours so I decided to do only some cross country skiing before we were heading back home from the cabin. However, the weather improved dramatically during the morning hours, so a little before 11 I made an impulse decision to have a go at Jolgr°hornet on my way home. I therefore packed the required gear and drove to Stranda to get the ferry across to Liabygda. Luck was on my side, as I had no idea about the ferry time tables, but I managed to get on the ferry as the last car, a few seconds before the gate closed. At noon I was across on the other side of Storfjorden, and by 12:15 I started my hike. Mostly sunny, but with a rather strong wind.

I was a bit uncertain about the route through the forest, but only a couple of hundred metres above trail head I found a forest road, which I thought looked like a good idea. Even better, the road was covered with snow so I didn't have to carry my  skis. The forest road was heading a bit too much west in my view, in particular since Jolgr°hornet was located north. I therefore forked right when I found an opening in the forest, and followed this route up to around 450 metres. Here I re-joined the forest road, which was good news for my descent.

I was now able to see the rest of the route, both the long hill up to Vardebakkane and the final climb to the summit. And what a prospect for an enjoyable descent! Relatively steep, but a wide hill without rocks nor trees. But first I had a job to do ...

In the hill towards Vardebakkane I met two other skiers and two snow-boarders, but from there on I had the mountain for myself (at least I thought so). The rest of the hike to the summit was done in a mix of sun and clouds, and a continuous strong wind. At the summit I decided to hide behind the cairn when I was eating my sandwich, and taking photos on the other side of the cairn wasn't terribly easy with the strong wind. After having finished my summit "duties" (food and photos!), I saw a skier on his way across the plateau above Vardebakkane. I started my descent, and when I met the guy I stopped for a chat. He didn't seem very talkative, so after the compulsory lines I continued my descent.

The snow was fairly wet and heavy, but not rotten in any way, so the descent was an enjoyable exercise. When I got down to the forest road I ploughed my way down the narrow road, with the odd telemark turn. Back at the car I was very pleased with myself, having bagged two mountains on my "must-do" list the last few days (Skopphornet and Jolgr°hornet).

Photos 11.04.2009