Kaldbottinden, Børa, Kleneggen & Kaldhøa from Johanhytta
Kaldbottinden  Børa  Kleneggen  Kaldhøa


Estimated net time 7-9 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Most of the hike is done on rock, scree and boulder, but the boulder is in most places firm and allows for easy walking.
Drinking water Several sources of running water along the route, in particular when there is still snow in the mountain.
GSM coverage Coverage at trail head, but else a bit patchy (July 2010).
Parking Room for several cars at trail head.
Start height 1110 metres.
Vertical metres 1480 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 18.1 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Trail head by Johanhytta.
  The route up towards Kaldbottinden.
  The route up towards Kaldhøa.


There are two access routes to where you leave road E136:


From the junction between roads 64 and E136 outside Åndalsnes, drive 43.4 km along road E136, in the direction of Dombås (i.e. south-east). Turn left where signed for Brude.


From the E6/E136 round about at Dombås, drive 59.0 km along road E136, towards Åndalsnes. Turn right where signed for Brude.


From the Brude exit at road E136 drive 1.7 km and fork right. Drive another 6.4 km along the gravel road, and park next to the stone cabin on the right hand side of the road. This cabin is called Johanhytta.

Start your hike by following the path uphill (east) behind Johanhytta. This path will take you up towards some small lakes at around 1400 metres, where the path gradually fades away. From these lakes bear a little left (north-east) towards the ridge coming down from your left. Traverse the right (east) slopes of this ridge, towards the south ridge of Kaldbottinden. You will enter this ridge at around 1780 metres. Once on the ridge continue towards the summit of Kaldbottinden, which is marked by a cairn.

From Kaldbottinden continue north, down into the saddle between Kaldbottinden and Børa. From the saddle find your best route across the scree up to Børa, which is marked by a large cairn.

From Børa you descend north into the saddle between Børa and Kleneggen, and then follow the south ridge of Kleneggen up to point 1932. From here walk 1.0 km across the flat section before the gentle slope up to Kleneggen's summit. Also this summit is marked by a cairn.

From Kleneggen head back south across the flat section and then turn a little right (south-west) as you get down towards the saddle towards Børa. Then proceed south, making sure you pass the lake at 1479 metres on its left (east) side. After having passed this lake turn a little right (south-west) and proceed towards the right (north) side of the lake at 1395 metres. Continue towards the right side of Kaldhøa and find your best route up along the right (north) side. When you get above 1600 metres gradually turn left (south-east) and head up to the summit, which is marked by a cairn.

From Kaldhøa continue south a little, and then turn left (east) to avoid a cliff band. Then turn right and head south/south-west back down towards trail head, joining the path some 250 metres east of the trail head.



09. July 2010

Start of the summer holiday and I was due to drive south-east to Sarpsborg. In order to make the drive more inspiring and enjoyable I decided to stop at Brude and hike Kleneggen et al, and then stay overnight in the Dombås area and do Snøhetta the next day.

I had a splendid hike across Kaldbottinden, Børa and to Kleneggen, but as I started my descent towards Kaldhøa the sky got darker and darker. I therefore already then started to consider driving all the way to Sarpsborg this Friday night, and leave Snøhetta for a nicer day. And when you start to get these kind of "negative thoughts" they are often difficult to overcome. And hence I became convinced the next day would be miserable and wet, and after reaching my car I drove directly south, reaching Sarpsborg a little after 02:00 in the morning. But, of course, very happy with having completed a first class hike.
Photos 09.07.2010