Langenestinden from Fladalen


Estimated net time 4-5 hours
Difficulty The route up to lake Fladalsvatnet is an easy walk on fine path. From the lake things changes dramatically, but the steep hill site isn't technically difficult in any way. However, a stumble can have dramatic consequences, and if there's snow you should definitely bring an ice axe.
Drinking water Access to running water from trail head up to lake Fladalsvatnet.
GSM coverage Coverage from trail head and a little into Fladalen, and then from a little below the summit and up (June 2013).
Parking Room for several cars at car park by trail head.
Start height 470 metres
Vertical metres 740 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 5.5 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Langenestinden trail head in Fladalen.
  Route to Langenestinden from lake Fladalsvatnet.


From Ålesund drive road E39 south towards Bergen, and get the ferry from Solevåg to Festøy. At Festøy turn left, following signs for "Standal", and drive approximately 18.5 km from the ferry port, through the small communities at Ytre-Standal and Standal, and up into Standaldalen valley, to where a gravel road goes right from the main road. This is approximately 4.3 km after the river crossing at Standal, and 900 metres after the second of the two right hair-pin bends. Drive this road approximately 100 metres and turn left across a small bridge. Open the gate (it's not likely to be locked), drive through, and close the gate behind you. From the gate drive approximately 1.2 km and park at the end of the road.

From the car park head north into Fladalen valley, on a narrow but fine path. This path takes you all the way to the south end of lake Fladalsvatnet. Cross the river draining from the lake where you find it suitable, and continue along the right (east) side of the lake. Walk a little along the east side of the lake and make your way up to the last couloir before the big cliff band half-way up the mountain side. You will find a vague path on the left hand side of this couloir, and with some careful navigation you will be able to follow this path all the way to the summit. When the couloir forks a little above 1000 metres make sure you follow the right couloir. The vague path then turns left a few tens of vertical metres higher, and from here the route is obvious, and the path is more defined. The summit is marked by a cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



11. June 2013

With excellent weather forecast for this Tuesday I agreed with hiking mate Kjetil to do a proper hike after work. I proposed Langenestinden, but was a little unsure about the amount of snow, and hence we should have a plan-B in our back pocket. Kjetil then informed me that we would be flying during the day on Tuesday so he could fly above Langenestinden and have a look at the conditions. That's what I call excellent planning.

Kjetil's observations during his flying, and a photo he sent me from his mobile phone, convinced me that the hike was on, and hence we agreed to meet at Festøy after I had finished work, and drive one car up to Fladalen.

The walk up to lake Fladalsvatnet was very nice, and it was my first visit to this valley in nice weather (my two previous visits had been when making my two attempts at Søre Sætretind, which both had been done in grey and wet conditions). From the lake we quickly spotted the right couloir to follow, but also noticed that we would have to cross snow in two places. The first one was right at the bottom of the couloir, and proved easy enough to cross once we figured out that it was best to stay on the snow a little longer than we initially thought. The second snow crossing was a little more exposed, with a long and steep couloir below the snow field. At the end we found a good place to cross the snow, and then proceeded uphill on a narrow section free of snow, between the snow field and the right hand side of the couloir. After this it was easy walking up to the summit.

At the summit we were blessed with fantastic views, and fantastic weather with no wind. We spent 30 minutes at the summit, taking a lot of photos and in general just admiring the splendid surroundings. But we eventually we had to start our descent, which we knew would require some focus on the upper snow field. We sorted this by following the same route beside the snow, and when due to cross the snow we found a better route than when ascending by descending where there was more snow and easier to kick good steps into the snow. And also appreciating having brought ice axes. The lower snow field caused a small issue for me, descending last, since there was now a hole through the snow where I wanted to get off the snow field, but by descending a little further on snow I found a safe place to get onto solid ground. And from here it was an easy walk back to the car, and still enjoying the sunny evening and fine mountains all around.
Photos 11.06.2013