Langvasseggi from Langvatnet (ski)


Estimated net time 2-2 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Not likely to be any running water before late in the skiing season.
GSM coverage Some very patch coverage at the summit ridge, and nothing below (July 2012).
Parking Room for many cars at car park by trail head.
Start height 1092 metres
Vertical metres 650 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 6.7 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Lower part of skiing route from Strynefjellsvegen to Langvasseggi.


From the round about in Stryn where roads 15 and 60 intersect, drive road 15 in the direction of Otta 37.6 km. Turn right towards "Stryn sommerski" and drive 8.0 to the Stryn summer ski-centre, and then continue another 1.5 km. You will now have a long car park along the road on the left hand side, immediately after a sharp left curve. Park here.

Start skiing by heading uphill in a northern direction, and soon turn left towards north-west. Find your best route up to the long summit ridge of Langvasseggi, and then turn right and ski approximately 1.8 km to the summit, which is marked by a small cairn and an old trigonometric point marker.

Descending by reversing your ascent route.



18. July 2012

Sigurd and me had driven from Fjellsetra this morning and he was spending the day in the slopes of Stryn summer ski-centre. I had first hiked Langvasseggi-1482, and on my way back to the ski-centre I finally managed to convince myself that I should have a go at Langvasseggi, on skis. The weather was nice and the snow seemed fine, so my only concern was that the upper part of the route would be too steep. But when I got up to what had looked steep everything sorted itself out and I was able to ski all the way up to the top of the long ridge, at 1600m. At this point I had to leave my skis and continue on foot, which I was well prepared for and had brought hiking shoes. But to my surprise I found that I had brought two different types of shoes, and not a pair, but fortunately I had brought one left and one right, and both were fine hiking shoes.

Hiking along the ridge was an easy ride, with more rock than snow, and I rushed it a little because of clouds coming in towards Langvasseggi. Fortunately these grey clouds passed to the east of where I was, and only partly reduced my views, which were anyway obstructed by lighter clouds in most directions.

After my summit stop I was eager to get back to the skis, and the 500 vertical metres of skiing was as enjoyable as I had hopes; except for the slightly poor glide the snow was just soft enough to make it easy to descend also the steeper sections. Back at the car I was very happy I had finally convinced myself to have a go at skiing Langvasseggi.
Photos 18.07.2012