Lauparen from Grytalisætra


Estimated net time 5-6 hours
Difficulty No real difficulties, but it is generally steep from the saddle at Svartvassegga to the summit. At one point close to the summit you will have to use your hands, but a wire has been put in place.
You must be careful with respect to setting loose stones in motion in the upper part of the section from Svartvassegga to the summit.
Drinking water The route follows a fine stream in the beginning, and you cross some smaller streams on your way towards lake Grytavatnet. No water after Svartvassegga.
GSM coverage No coverage around lake Grytavatnet, else OK (July 2008).
Parking Room for many cars at trail head.
Start height 395 metres
Vertical metres 1080 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 13.5 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  Route up south side of Lauparen from Svartvassegga.
 Towards "the steps", near Lauparen summit.


From Ålesund drive road E136 towards Sjøholt. At Sjøholt turn right towards "Geiranger" and "Stordal" onto road 650. Follow this road for 7.4 km and turn left towards "Vaksvikfjellet". Drive 5.4 km up to Vaksvikfjellet and turn right where signed for "Grytalisetra" and "Lauparen". Pay toll at the unmanned booth (NOK 20 per July 2008), and drive 1.4 km along gravel road to the Grytalisætra car park. Park the car here.

Start walking by following the path that goes east. This well defined path will take you past the lake Grytavatnet on its north shore, and then up to the saddle at Svartvassegga. There is likely to be snow late in the summer in the last section east of the lake.

From the saddle head left (north) and follow the path in the steep section towards the summit. Close to the summit you get to a short section where a wire has been put in place. This part of the route is not very steep, as in requiring climbing, but it might be that some people will feel safer by using the wire to assist the ascent. This wire is probably more useful when descending.

The descent route follows the ascent route.



11. July 2013

Nice after-work hike together with Turi, Dag and Elisabeth. There was plenty of fog, but we got above the fog a little below the summit and had pretty fine views.

Photos 11.07.2013


29. July 2008

I wasn't feeling terrible fit for a long hike this Tuesday; my left foot was sore and I was tired from yesterday's two hikes. But the weather was again fantastic, and I really wanted to visit Lauparen. I therefore got on the road late in the morning, but on a couple of occasions actually considered turning around and going back. Even after having started walking I considered turning around, but I just couldn't stand the thought of letting myself down ...

I set out in pretty good pace, but already at lake Grytavatnet I regretted my own optimism. When I started on the steep section from Svartvassegga I hardly had any energy left and my foot was really sore. I realised that I would be able to make it to the summit, but that it was going to take its toll. I had to rest for every 100 steps (and each step being a short step), and towards the end each rest lasted probably minutes.

But there was no reason to complain about the reward; a visit to Lauparen on a beautiful day will bless you with fantastic views. After enjoying the views and taking photos I started the descent, feeling a bit better now than during the ascent.

The hike down the steep section went fine and I was feeling quite optimistic. Unfortunately that didn't last long; in the flatter section from Grytavatnet and back to the car my left foot was seriously starting to ache. At the same time I was motivated to keep an acceptable pace, since the slower I walked the longer time I would suffer. To make it even worse I got a cramp in my calf when I had to take off one of my boots in order to remove a small stone. Agony! Towards the end I felt terribly miserable and was starting to think things like "will I ever want to do this again?". This thought cheered me up; I know exactly how soon I forget these kind of experiences.

Anyway, getting back to the car was a great relief, and the though of getting back to "civilisation" to buy a cold Coke was a joyful one. This also had a down-side; getting myself from the car into the shop at Sjøholt was not an easy task. But I enjoyed the Coke ...

Photos 29.07.2008