Laupsnipa from Vålneset


Estimated net time 1½-2 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
The whole route is done on forest road and path.
Drinking water There is running water at around 180 metres, where you cross the stream Vålneselva. Else nothing.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (March 2012).
Parking Room for a couple of cars at trail head.
Start height 20 metres
Vertical metres 555 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 4.5 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Laupsnipa trail head by Vålneset.


Assume your starting point is the Ålesund area. Drive road 61 to Sulesund and take the ferry across to Hareid. Start measuring at the Hareid ferry port:
- Continue on road 61, and at 10.7 km leave the round about south of Ulsteinvik at the second exit, continuing on road 61 towards Måløy.

- At 16.1 km turn right towards Måløy, staying on road 61.

- At 19.1 km turn left towards Måløy, still on road 61.

- At 22.5 km turn left towards Voldnes.

- At 27.9 km you have reached Laupsnipa trail head and will see a wooden sign saying "Laupsnipa". Park on the right hand side of the road.

Note that the "Laupsnipa" sign is easier to see when you come from the other direction, so if you miss it continue another 250 metres to the end of the road and turn back.

Start your hike by following the forest road uphill. After 230 metres the road does a sharp left. Continue another 130 metres, ignoring the road that forks left and downhill, and turn right. Then turn left after another 25 metres. Continue uphill and turn 90° left after 140 metres. The forest road now gets less steep, and when it tops out after another 100 metres it turns into a path. Follow this out of the forest to the river, cross the river where you see a sign for "Laupsnipa", and follow the path all the way to the summit. In the summit area you first get to a proper cairn with a sign and a summit registration book, and then continue another 100 metres west/south-west to the highest point. This point is marked by a couple of stones.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



27. March 2012

I had spent the afternoon at meetings at Hjørungavåg and Ulsteinvik and decided to visit one or two new tops before heading back home. First on the list was Laupsnipa, which I had seen from Levandehornet three weeks earlier. Locating the signed trail head was straight forward, thanks to good route descriptions provided by Westcoastpeaks. But before starting my hike I had to change from office clothes to hiking outfit, so I drove to the end of the road and quickly changed clothes. Then back to the trail head and up the hills.

The afternoon was a bit grey, but the clouds stayed just above Laupsnipa so I had a fair view of the route ahead once I got above the forest. From here I was able to follow the path all the way to the summit registration point, and then across to the actual summit, 100 metres further west.

Because of the limited views and chilling wind I didn't stay long, and didn't even bother to sign the summit registration book. Back at the car I drove towards Heida to explore a possible route I had seen from Laupsnipa.
Photos 27.03.2012