Leirvasshornet from Liasætra


Estimated net time 5-7 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Very good access to drinking water up to the boulder at 1050 metres.
GSM coverage Coverage in the first half of the route, and around the summit (July 2009).
Parking Room for many cars at car park at trail head.
Start height 418 metres
Vertical metres 1150 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 12.5 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  Start of path to Habostaddalen at Liasætra.
  The route from Habostaddalen towards Leirvasshornet.


From Ålesund drive towards Magerholm and then take the ferry across to Aursneset. From the ferry drive road 60 across Strandafjellet to the T-junction above Stranda centre (there is an Esso petrol station here per July 2009). Turn right at this junction, towards Hellesylt and Stryn, and drive 1.9 km. Turn right where signed for "Engeset" and follow this road 4.2 km until you get to an unmanned toll gate. Pay the fee (NOK 25 per July 2009) and continue up the forest road. After 800 metres the road forks and you should stay right. 3.7 km from the toll gate you will find a car park on your left hand side. Park here.

Start walking by continuing along the road. After a couple of hundred metres you get to Liasætra. Turn left here, following signs for "Patchellhytta". Follow this path along Habostaddalen for 3.5 km, until you are located on the line between the Bolten/Brekketindane-saddle and the river coming down from west of Leirvasshornet. Turn left here and head south towards the river coming down from Leirvasshornet. Make sure you end up on the left (east) side of the river. Walk on the left side of the river up the steeper section towards the saddle between Leirvasshornet and Nordre Smørskredtind. When the terrain gets less steep turn a little left and head north-east up the boulder. When you see a cairn around the summit, out on the left, gradually turn a little right and head towards this cairn. The boulder is relatively stable, and isn't difficult to ascend. Below the cairn it gets a little steeper, but no difficulties. When you get close to the cairn you will see a smaller cairn a little to the right; this is the summit.

Follow your ascent route when descending.



04. July 2009

We were spending this week-end at our cabin at Fjellsetra, and the plan was made on Friday night to hike Leirvasshornet. At 9am I was ready to start my hike on this warm and clear Saturday. I walked at a quick pace and after a little while I overtook three young men on their way to Store Brekketind. Unfortunately I hadn't brought neither crampons nor ice axe, so any option to change plans was out of the question; I would have to keep Brekketindane on my to-do list. When we got to the point where it was time for me to leave the Habostaddalen path we wished each other enjoyable day, and I was again on my own.

The ascent up to the saddle was easier than I had thought when looking at the terrain from below, but I could have chosen an easier route, with less scrambling. But the scrambling was quite easy except for a couple of short sections of wet slab. When I got to the boulder I assumed I had to turn left, and soon I could see a cairn high above me. I assumed this cairn was some kind of guide for what route to follow, and was sure it had nothing to do with the summit. My surprise was therefore considerable when I got to the cairn and saw that it was only another few metres left to the summit, which was marked with a much smaller cairn.

While at the summit I tried to spot the three guys on their way to Brekketindane, but I wasn't able to see anyone anywhere.

During my descent my feet got quite sore, and down in Habostaddalen I stopped for a couple of minutes and cooled my feet in the river. This helped a lot and I was able to pick up speed again back to the car. Parked next to me were two men who had just completed their hike. I chatted a little with them, and found out that they were Czechs living on Midsund, and that they had been to Slogen. We talked a little about mountains in general, and it seemed they were certainly keen mountaineers.

After saying good-bye to the Czechs I drove to Stranda and did some shopping, including fresh Norwegian strawberries, which were consumed after a swim back in Nysetervatnet at Fjellsetra.

Photos 04.07.2009