Liahovda from Beitostølen (ski)


Estimated net time 1½-2 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to drinking water during winter.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (February 2010).
Parking Plenty of possibilities for parking around the trail head.
Start height 850 metres
Vertical metres 215 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 5.8 km
GPS-file X


Route photo



From road E16 at Fagernes drive north on road 51 a little less than 40 km. Find the "Kiwi" store on the right hand side of road 51, just before you entre Beitostølen centre. Park at the store's car park or somewhere close.

The road going right (east) immediately before the store is called Øvrevegen, and on its right hand side you will find ski tracks heading uphill. These tracks also crosses road 51, going down-hill to the ski stadium, which is the direction you're going. Once at the ski stadium head for the World Cup cross country tracks, which is route 8. When you get to route 8 it will be signed for Liahovda down to your right. Make sure you select the left-most track, which is the one going clock-wise. Follow these tracks uphill to the highest point. From here head south-east going off-track. Approximately 400 metres from where you left the tracks you will find the summit, which is marked by a trigonometric point and some kind of radio transmitter/receiver in the form of a small mast.

The descent is quickest done by reversing the ascent route.



25. February 2010

This Wednesday was our third full day at Beitostølen this winter holiday, and was deemed family day. In practice that meant no mountains, but during my cross country skiing last night I had found a possible hill that could be done in not much more than an hour from the cabin we had rented. While the others gathered for breakfast I therefore got my act together and headed out, promising the others that I would be ready for family cross country by noon.

I skied down to the ski stadium and headed for the World Cup route, which is a real killer in terms of being hilly and tough. At around 870 metres I took off my cross country skis and changed into snow shoes. The hike across to the summit was hard work, sinking in knee-deep even with snow shoes. But I decided not to rush things, and focused on one step at a time.

At the summit I took some photos, before heading back to the cabin, well in time for a noon kick-off with the others.
Photos 25.02.2010